Keepsakes – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #18

A little later than I wanted to, but hey, c’est la vie, eh?  This is Crispina’s fun challenge that is not too restrictive.  For rules and regs, the few there are, just click here.  That should show you the “what’s what”!

I don’t know why I keep on trying my hand at poetry – must be because I find it so bloody difficult! Funny how we do that to ourselves.  I must have a masochistic streak in me.


Together they stand, by row, side by side

Some inconspicuous, others with style

They vary in size, some short, tall, some wide

What resides within may, or not, beguile


So what do they hold, you can’t help but ask?

Something most evil or wondrous and bright?

These bottles, they are, each used as a cask

For loved ones, held dear, now gone from my sight


Each one is a cask, but what lies within?

Their spirit, their souls or maybe just ash?

A bit of each, does this make your head spin?

I feel they deserve a bit of panache


Their time on this Earth is sadly no more

A symbol for each is all that I keep

They are not forgot; some stories of lore

I smile when I see them, I no longer weep


Friday Fictioneers – Light Collection

Genre:  Fiction

Word count:  100

Light Collection

©G.L. MacMillan

She’s been collecting these bottles what seems like ages. She loves the way each one catches the light, reflecting a rainbow of colours, evoking the memory of where each one originated, or where she thought they originated. She truly felt that each one had its own soul.

Garbage? How could anyone call them garbage, insisting they should just be tossed into the recycling, instead of taking up space on the porch? Each was filled to the top with love! Would the sun bother to kiss each one, helping shine their light on all if they were garbage?

One man’s trash…

100-Word Stories:  Friday Fiction

Photo Prompt:  © Copyright G.L. MacMillan

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