Consequences – Friday Fictioneers

Happy Hump Day!  As you know, we Friday Fictioneers get confused about days, so many (most) of us post on Wednesday. Whatcha gonna do but go with the crowd?  Only time I’m more of a follower…  So without further ado, let us thank Susan Eames for the use of her picture and Rochelle Wisoff(no e) Fields for hosting this party every week without fail.  Care to join? Click on the frog and add your 100-word story’s link!

©Susan Eames

Cartoon Lame Injured Frog with Crutches #55960 by Ron Leishman

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Jules!  What have you done to yourself?

Broke my ankle.

Yeah, can see that. How the heck did you manage that one?

It’s not coz I’m old and frail!

Course not.

And it couldn’t possibly be because I had my arms full of groceries and couldn’t see the step right in front of me that I missed completely.

Right. And nothing to do with being lazy and not wanting to do more than one trip from car to house, too

Right. Nothing at all to do with that!

So. How long with the boot?

Three months.

Oh joy…

…oh bliss.