Sunday Gratitude – March 22, 2015

I’m truly trying not to complain about the weather.  It is getting old after all but really?  Tonight will hit a low of -16ºC (feeling like -26ºC)!  Ugh.   We’re done.  I’m grateful I don’t live on the East Coast where they got royally slammed again… Blech.  What with following all these fabulous bloggers living in Portland, Florida, Ireland, UK, etc. showing off their spring flowers…

It’s been a week of highs and lows; get-togethers cancelled for illness, surprise visits from others; productivity and laziness; good things and crappy things ~ all meshed into one week!  Real life, shall we say!

Gratitude List

  1. Finally cleared my closet!  It’s true what they say:  Clutter affects not only the visual but the mental.  Big load off and now ready to tackle next projects.
  2. Unplanned brunch with Karen and surprise visit from Tonia ~ always welcome happenings.
  3. Friends with specialties coming to check things out for me.  Merci Pierre, j’apprécie que tu as vérifié mon système de chauffage! (Thanks for checking my furnace.)
  4. Being able to count on family to come help out when your alternator decides that quitting on our way home at 11:30 p.m. is a good thing.  Having them drive your boys home so they don’t have to freeze in your car while you wait for CAA (Canadian equivalent to AAA) and then sitting in his bum-warming car till the guy arrives.  Thanks Chris! xoxox
  5. So grateful CAA guy, along with teenaged sons, managed to push car into driveway; barely at a legal limit…
  6. Having your neighbour (5 houses down) offer the services of her husband… OK, OK, husband offered to help! to come and help change the alternator ~ even if, after working on bloody car in freezing weather for three hours, results were not what was desired.  Thanks for trying, Mike and thanks for offering his services, Fhameeda!
  7. Thankful to have a mechanic in the “family” (Mick’s friend-family, that is), Andre, who only wants supper as payment when he comes by tomorrow to fix said problem. (Fingers crossed it is only the strap and not the whole alternator…)
  8. Being nudged, by Sarah, to try my hand at Friday Fictioneers and getting a good response!  Being nudged, by Safia, to join in on Six Hens  to write one of my stories with the chance of  being published in their premiere issue.  Makes me want to write even more.  Now I’ve definitely got some goals to work towards.

Gratitude Sunday – July 13, 2014

Bummer… took forever to do the laundry from our Five-day-getaway… but I did manage to dry about six loads on the clothesline!  Pretty happy about that!  Did some pre-shopping for my big catering gigs this Wednesday and Thursday (but have more to do as I want things to be as fresh as possible).  Just couldn’t seem to find the energy to watermark the pictures I’ll be using in my upcoming “Mount Washington Post” which I promise I will do this week!  I have to as we are leaving on Friday for our realz vacation in Cape May New Jersey!  Let us just say it will be a tight week!  But one that I will truly enjoy!

Mount Washington

Mount Washington

Gratitude List

  1. I’m oh so grateful my body allowed me to climb all the way to the top of Mount Washington (with my family and my sister and her family – dogs included!)

  2. I’m grateful we decided to do a seven-ile kayak ride in on the beautiful Saco River, in North Conway.

  3. How happy am I that we are members of CAA (and thereby members of AAA) so that gas was just a phone call away! (More on that on the Mt Washington post coming up…)

  4. Thank you Universe for giving me a full day of sunshine yesterday so that I could dry all my loads on the clothesline.

  5. Thank you to Julie for giving me the opportunity to cater your two-day meetings.  It will be a challenge that I look forward to fulfilling.