#Weekend Coffee Share – Sunshine, Water Woes, Birthdays and Easter

Hello my friends!  Welcome to this weekend’s Coffee Share!  I did mention two weeks ago that I could not play with you last weekend as I was… sigh… “stuck” in Punta Cana! 😉

There was access to WiFi but, let’s face it, other than sharing my Instagram photos, there was no gathering of thoughts and such!

First, let me thank the lovely Emily for hosting this shindig!  Just click on the box above if you want to join along and add your link!

Without further ado…

If we were having coffee, I’d share that I had a most relaxing and wonderful time in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (I specify, because so many think this is in Mexico!)  The weather was perfect, the beaches wonderful, the food excellent.  Check-in was a nightmare and totally disorganised.  We got there for noon but didn’t get checked in until 12:50 where we were told our room would not be ready until 3:00 pm but to go ahead and eat and drink (now that we had our bracelets).  Check-in was so long the guy at the counter ordered us two beers while waiting!  Once checked in, we went to the dining room.  Which wasn’t open until 1:00.  10 minutes to wait.  Let’s just say not a grand debut to our week…  Things looked up immediately after, though!

Only thing I would complain about, and this pains me greatly to say, were the Russian guests.  Oh my gosh.  The rudest, most pushy and disagreeable sort they were in general.  I don’t like to generalise but here, I must.  There were constant looks of shock and disgust by all other guests every time one of them pushed their way into the food line.  If all were going in one direction, they inserted themselves and pushed in the opposite!  Every. Single. Time.  At one point, there was no one in front of me, I was making my way and two botox, bubble-lipped, boob-implanted-barbie dolls planted themselves in front of me, facing me.  Wrong direction.  I waited for them to move out of the way and nope.  They practically ploughed me over.  Ridiculous.  It does not give one the urge to go visit their country; as ambassadors, they suck!  On a positive note, here are a few pics!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you the morning after I arrived home, I walked into my dining room and saw this:

I poked the hole and let out the water.  Then let out a wail.  This is my favourite room that Mick and I had redone the year he died.   Where was the water coming from?  I called my cousin Marc, who just happens to work in construction, to ask him if he was free in the next few days to come and assess the damage.  He said he would come the next day (Good Friday).

My son also advised me that he didn’t know what happened, but that he did not have an accident with my car while I was away…

He did use it to get to and from work as he was working two jobs.  In good faith, I am willing to admit that it does look like someone backed into the door.  Dammit.  Another thing to fix.

Good Friday came along.  Just so happens to be my birthday.  Oh no, no fuss, please!  I can’t handle more right now!  Marc came by before lunch and cut away at the ceiling, trying to find the source of the wet.  He determined it came from the boys’ bathroom shower.  Seems there is a joint that has been dripping for a good while.

I had also noticed that the carpet in the basement was wet.  It had been a bit before I left and I figured someone had spilled something.  However, now it was wet halfway across the room and on the other side!  Oh for Pete’s sake!  Stop already!

Trying to find the source

Marc determined that there must be a crack in my foundation.  Bloody hell.  On Monday I shall be calling my insurance company.  It appears there is work to be done before I can put this Mothaf*** for sale.

As I refuse to end this post on a negative note.  Just not my style, I tell you, I shall finish with this:

My sister, Lisa, made supper and my most favouritestiest spice cake for my birthday.  So nice!

Never too old

While having the last of our coffee (or really, should I not deserve something stronger by now?  I would tell you that Zeke and I took a nice walk yesterday and I was thrilled to see that I finally had a crocus!


And today, is Easter.  And I had to work.  It was the first official event of the new golf season for our members.  A lovely Easter brunch.  Everyone was in a grand mood.  It was nice to work with more of the regulars who didn’t work with me during the winter events.  After the event and the cleanup, we all sat down and ate a nice meal together and I got to take home a bouquet of tulips.

On that note, my friends, thank you for sharing some of your time with me (I promise I will be catching up on your Weekend Coffee Shares as well!)

Happy Easter!  Happy Passover!

Lotsa love,





If one is put in a position that one must deal with something, one should take the time to learn that which he needs to learn to deal with said something, no? It is how we grow, no?

What my crazy first sentence is trying to say is this:

Say you have a car, you go for lunch with a friend and when you return to your car, you notice your tire is flat.  You have paid big buckeroos for said car and that comes with special roadside assistance.  Great.  All you need is a phone call and all will be fixed, right?  Now, normally, you might want to say:  “I can change my tire myself.  I am a grown person with years of experience and I’ve changed more than my share of tires…”  However, because it is an expensive car with fancy doo-hickies, that comes with this special service, you WON’T and also can’t do it.

change tire

You call your car’s service but get none.  A grand total of five hours later and I know not how many phone calls, your friend says:  “Screw your service, let me call CAA (or AAA, if you are American) for you.  I’m a member and it won’t cost you a penny and you can have it fixed and go on your way home to your family.”  30 minutes later, CAA arrives and well. Dammit. A special key is needed to unlock the spare.  You have no idea what/where said key could possibly be.  CAA cannot help and off they go.  Though your service said they would be here in one hour and 30 minutes, they still have not showed.  CAA has come and gone in that same time.

You get back on the horn to holler and complain to your fabulous car company and are getting a whole lot of nowhere.  Your wife keeps texting your friend’s wife to find out if all is well and should she be worried and will you just get on a god-damned taxi and come home.  Fix the car situation tomorrow.

During this time a most interesting conversation is happening between you and your friend and his wife. (Let’s just say the wife is me, OK?) I say, “Well, this is an opportunity for growth, don’t you think?  I’m sure once this whole thing is settled, the first thing tomorrow you will do is go to your dealer, ask them where the f*&! the special key is and how do we change a tire on this bloody vehicle, right?”  My husband, says:  “No he won’t!”  “Oh, come on!  Of course he will”, I say.  “Right?”

You answer:  “No, I won’t.”




I turn to my husband and apologize for yelling at him for razzing you non-stop because, well, you deserve it a little.

I’m still disbelieving.  “So, you won’t learn how to change the tire on your fancy-pants car?”

“No”, you answer.

“And if this happens to you again, but in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere, you don’t want to know how to change the tire, just because you paid big buckeroos for this service?  Really?”

“Nope”, you answer.  “I’ll call and get them to come and fix it.”

I just want to say that it is now eight hours since you first noticed your car had a flat.

You are still here.