Setting Up the Guard – CCC # 229

I haven’t done a CCC in a good long while. When I saw this one (and surprisingly, I am only a week late!) I knew I could play. I have LOTS of cat photos and figured I would have a matchy-matchy but it appears, not quite (or possibly, but I’d have to go digging further into my archives that are not quite as well organised) So, I kept myself to those uploaded to my Google. Then I had so many I had to force myself to cut back to these. I could have stretched this utter silliness for much longer but didn’t want to fall into anyone’s disgraces 😉

Allora, on to my completely silly “story”.

Setting Up the Guard

Okay guys, listen up! We have a serious job to do. We have been tasked with guarding the perimeter.

Excuse me? Guys? Seriously? Are you really still so stuck in the dark ages that you don’t know our worth?

Now you’ve gone and done it. You pissed off Queenie. That’s trouble you should have avoided.

Okay! Okay! Enough! I didn’t mean to be exclusive. ‘Guys’ is a generic term. I apologise profusely so lemme try again. Ladies and Gentlemen! We have a big job ahead of us. Are you ready?

Let me out! I want to help!

Sorry, Squirt! You’re still too small. We don’t want you to get hurt.

We’ll take the backyard. Got our spots…

I don’t think two in the same spot is the best strategy…

We’ll take up this corner… don’t you fear…

Oh no, you won’t! I’ll have no canoodling on this job!

Don’t worry boss. Just let them try to get past me!

Good grief man. You are such an overachiever. I’m just gonna watch from over here.

Get off that couch, you lazy bum!

Yeah, come and join me in the shade. We’ll be incognito. Great idea, eh boss?

I give up. You are a motley crew!