Zipped – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #62

Well, hell.  Crispina finally chose a picture that I had no matchy-matchy for!  And no, I was not going to go out with my camera searching for a similar situation.  Nope. That’s not how I roll.  So this week, for Crispina’s CCC, I am going a more classic route, if you were.  With a story of sorts.  Actually, I am doing something I thought I’d not done before but upon checking, not only did it once before but did it for THIS very challenge… go figure. So, for this challenge, a haibun.



They were such a bright and colourful couple. No, not that they were colour-matched – he preferred earth-tones to her more jewelled ones.  I mean colourful in manner.  They were funny and entertaining, each sharing their part of the story they were telling; one speaking over the other but not in a rude take-over manner. They were just so enthusiastic it bubbled out uninhibited. There was never a dull moment when these two were on a roll… They each had their roles, working in harmony without losing themselves.



They came together, just like

a perfect zipper


Word count: 98

Old vs New – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #59

Crispina‘s challenge is always a fun one for me to attempt. I like to find a photo to match or go with and I can’t believe I did find one – kinda/sorta 😉


Old vs New

You’re so old-fashioned and much outdated

You really ought to modernize

Each candle must be manipulated

Your light so dim, they strain their eyes


Look at me, you can see how far I’ve come

Their lives have become so easy

With a mere flick of the switch, I turn on

And it matters not if it’s breezy!

Tools of the Trade – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #58

My brain is still addled so it has led me to write this piece of nonsense.  Thought I’d have a little bit of silly fun.  All serious, all the time, I cannot be…

But really, click here to read some proper stories – there are some good ones 😉

Tools of the Trade

What the hell are you doing?

I’m creating my ‘Tools of the Trade’ box!

Your what? For Chrissakes… Don’t those belong in your cake-making toolbox?

Yep.  I was at the museum the other day and saw a display box like this with tools used to hunt and whatnot during prehistoric times. Figured I’d create one for future generations to learn about some of the stuff I use today when building my cakes.


Why not?

You are certifiably nuts. Don’t you think displays for cake decorating already exist?

Ya think? Dang… Maybe I should put together a box of sewing stuff! Or photography stuff! Or—

Give it a rest.


When Natural Was Normal – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #57

I wasn’t going to participate this week as I’m just so darn sick. But the story kept running around in my fuzzy brain and insisted I wrote it. Plus my body is tired of lying down, though I am going right back to that position after I hit publish. I so wanted to find a picture of Matante Bertha and Mémère together but didn’t have the energy to go through the albums so, you’ll have to make do with my grandmother and me 😉  Needless to say, there is no way in hell I could “matchy-matchy” this photo!

When Natural Was Normal

Honestly. What has the world come to? Once upon a time all eggs were free range and all beef was grass-fed. Now? You have to pay a premium to get your food in its natural form.  As for proper milk? No longer available here in Canada.

I remember going up to Mémère’s when she’d get her milk from her sister, Matante Bertha, who’d put it into glass bottles.  I never knew how long it took for the cream to separate from the milk.  That luscious, thick, pure cream… My mouth waters at the memory.  Mémère would get us to pick fresh raspberries from her garden, which we would carefully pick through (unlike my cousin Mike who ended up with a bowl full of worms!) and put them into a bowl. Then Mémère would sprinkle some sugar and spoon that fresh cream onto the berries. Yum!

We’ll never get those days back!

Mémère and me at her 88th birthday – my grandmother/godmother/hero

*Mémère means Granny

*Matante is how we say Aunt or Auntie in my family. Though it should be written in two words as in ma tante (my aunt); many of us in Quebec have put the two together to form a single endearment.  We even go so far as to say Ma Matante Bertha… 🙂


‘Til You’re Not – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #56

I thought I’d not be able to participate. Crispina basically challenged me (I won’t say beg) to, in her words “Yea, go for it. Just a one-line caption. Doesn’t have to be mega”. So how could I refuse?  I searched through my stuff – coz, yanno that’s how I have come to do this particular challenge – and found something.  Then an idea formed. And well, how do you like that?  Here I am! I admit it is tenuous, at best.  Just go with it.

‘Til You’re Not

You think you will forever stand up top

You have battled

You have won

You have earned your place

Fool to be so arrogant!

‘Tis but a question of time

Before another comes to battle you

Sending you crashing to the ground

And taking your place


Word count:  52

Artistic License – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #55

Alrighty then… Over time, this challenge has come to mean a way for me to get out some old (or not so old) photos and try to match them to Crispina‘s.  Then write a story to go with.  This one didn’t quite work out for me.  However, I have taken artistic license and since there are no rules besides not going past 150 words… A little silly never hurt anyone, right?

Artistic License

Didja get the plan I gave ya?

I shore did.

And, you think you are following it?

I shore am.

Really? Do you see a house in my picture?

No, but—

Do you see a fence in my picture?

No, but those posts look like an unfinished—

Do you think you are still following the plan?

Well, no. BUT.  I thought I’d use a little artistic license.

We cannot do our ritual in the place you have chosen.

Why not?

First off, the circle is unfinished.

I know, I was going to get to that before you arrived.

And that’s not how it’s done. It needs to have more of ‘henge’ feeling so not a fence, just the posts.

But this looks rustic, no?

Yeah, it’s lovely for a home.

I thought it rather nice.

Still, we can’t do our ritual here.

Why not?

We’ll wake the neighbours!


The Journey – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #52

Crimson’s Creative Challenge has been going on for a whole year, already.  Can you believe that? I did not partake in all of them but quite a few. Thank you, Crispina for hosting such a fun and open challenge.  There is no way I could NOT write a little something to commemorate this auspicious occasion and include a few “matching, not matching” pics 😉  I may have cheated a tad with the timeline, for the purposes of my story.

The Journey


We are to take a journey

Will it be a long one?

It will start late in the summer

And then we will arrive?

No, we must keep moving forward

All through autumn?

And once the leaves have fallen?

We must keep on through the snows of winter

This journey will take forever!

No, you shall see, before you know it, 52 weeks will have gone by

A whole year?

Yes! But you’ll have enjoyed the journey for all it has brought you

What about the challenges?

They were the reason this journey began

I am so very glad for it

I am too.