Cheese and Crackers – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my peeps! It is Friday Fictioneers time and this week we have a sorta special. Rochelle and I decided to link our stories, just for fun. So…if you haven’t already, you really should read hers first ūüėČ then mine… Our lovable clown, Russell, is the “hero” of our stories so… Russell, just know, we absolutely adore you!

If you want the rules and regs, well, you’ve already seen them on Rochelle’s blog, right? If you want to simply link your story, please click on the blue frog…

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©The ever smiling, ever sweet, Connie Gayer

Cheese and Crackers

Shelley and Dale were hot and sweaty from their hike. Shelley said it would be nice to cool off in Gayer’s pond but worried, saying he was mean as they come.

“Looks harmless to me. Offer him a drawing.”

Shelly would have none of that as she felt he had no clue about art.

“Hey! Draw him with that clown nose he likes so much. Oh, and put that bloody invisible box he goes on and on about. Hey Farmer Gayer! How ’bout Shelley draw a picture of you in exchange for a swim?”

“Lemme guess, I’ll be all purple?”

Friday Fictioneers – Found


Well, well, well… ‘Tis already Wednesday, which mean we get our Friday Fictioneers’ Prompt. ¬†The lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, from Addicted to Purple has sent us a most interesting picture this week, from Mrs. Russell herself, Connie Gayer. ¬†(Please note the link brings you to Mr. Russell, himself, as Missus does not seem to have a blog… Not that I can blame her, hubby must keep her most busy with his shenanigans on a daily basis!)

Should you want to join in on the fun, please do so by clicking on the blue frog and adding your own story! ¬†If you just want to read some exceptional 100-word stories, then click on said frog and you’ll have up to 100 (depending on the week) stories. ¬†There is some serious talent amongst this group. ¬†I keep trying to reach their level…

Word Count:  100


©Connie Goyer

©Connie Gayer

The couple came back year after year, hiking along the same trails, at the same time of year.  A ritual, of sorts.

They knew they had to walk through the muddy section to get to the lovely grassy trail but it was worth it, as far as they were concerned.

The woman slipped and landed with a splat, face-first in the mud.

Her husband rushed back to help her up.  Lifting her head, she gasped.  There it was, exactly where her cheek had been moments before.  Her favourite earring, looking a little worse for wear, lost on the last hike!