Time for Contemplation – Friday Fictioneers

Good afternoon, Fellow Friday Fictioneers!  Please allow me first to apologise for not reading each and each and every one of your stories, especially of those kind of you to leave me a comment on mine.  I do strive to at least do that!  It’s been a helluva week and I am running after my tail, so to speak, and feel like I’m accomplishing a whole lotta nuthin’ in the meantime!

I promise to try and do better this week, despite my late start!  (You know, that is why some of us strive to write on Wednesday.  It permits us to keep up.  Usually.)

This photo stumped me most of the day.  I was going to go one route but felt that was too predictive of me.  So I stepped away, cleared away the last of the boxes in my dining room (yes, finally!), did a few loads of laundry, blah blah blah. and then this came to me.  Hope you enjoy!

Thank you to Rochelle for herding us wild things each and every week and for supplying this week’s photo, to boot!   Click on her name for the rules and regs and, should you wish to add your two cents’ worth or read other fabulous stories (not that I’m assuming mine is fabulous….),  please click on the blue frog below!

Time for Contemplation

She let the warm water caress her skin, washing away all the stress, sorrow, sadness and angst.  There were so many things taking up space in her mind.  What was it about showers that did more than clean one’s body?

It was almost the best part of her day.  Alone.  Warm water.  Peace and quiet allowing her to contemplate.  Dream.  Cry.  Make to-do lists.  Plan vacations.  Pleasure.


Like a needle dragged violently across a vinyl record, her reality came screaching in with the slam of the door against the wall.


“Yes, sweetie?”

“I need a glass of juice!”

Friday Fictioneers – Discarded

Friday Fictioneers is here again!  And not only is it here, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, our fabulous leader has chosen MY photo.  (It’s the small things in life that give us the biggest thrills.)

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Word count:  100



She loved walking with her dog along the river, adjacent to the woods.  He loved it as he could run free, jumping into the water without her stopping him – mostly!

Her mind wandered at will, feet cushioned by the soft earth, while breathing in fresh air; quiet but for the lapping water, occasional quacking of ducks or songs of the various birds.

Oh dear!  How, or more importantly, why, would anyone just throw away a chair into the river?  And probably after years of service, doing its duty, it’s part.

One day useful, next , discarded, no longer necessary.  Like her.