Gratitude Sunday – September 7, 2014

Was another very productive week, I must say! Salsas, apple jellies, painting the dining room… no rest for the wicked, they say!  Feeling satisfied, I say!

It’s frankly amazing how we can load so much into one week yet feel there is so much more we could have done.  Seriously, what is up with that?  How have we managed to guilt ourselves into believing there is no time for “down time”?

Pffft… I say!  I’m off to read my book!

Crab Apples

Crab Apples

Gratitude List

  1. I am so happy we have painted our dining room RED!  (Pictures will follow when we’ve finished putting up our prints and stuff….)

  2. I appreciate having a friend with an orchard who lets me know what’s ready for picking so I can fill bags to my heart’s content… more jellies coming!  Pears! Crab Apples, Apples! Oh my!

  3. Buying the ingredients necessary to make salsas and jams and jellies and actually doing them within a great timeframe.  It was go-go-go but so satisfying!

  4. Having followers of my blog who leave me interesting and thought-provoking comments makes me feel like I have a voice.  I love it!

  5. Choosing a paint colour from a swatch, applying it and saying YES!  Exactly what we wanted!  (This feels like a cheat and goes with no. 1…)

  6. Spending time with each of my sons on a one-to-one basis brings me much joy and allows us to get just that much closer (not easy when they are 14 and 16!)

One Of Those Busy Weeks!


Do you ever unwittingly overbook yourself?  I sure did this past week!

Jeez Louise!  I had my weekly meals to make for one client on Monday.  (Every Monday, Jean arrives at 5:00 pm to collect his two meals for that week.  Usually one is for that evening and the other for whenever they need a break.)  They are always surprised because I don’t tell them in advance what they’re getting!  Fun, eh?  So this week was Chicken Parmigiana and Greek-styled grilled shrimp and couscous.

A friend saw my post and said that, had he known he could, he would have ordered a meal for his family.  I told him he was totally in luck as I had the necessities to make him the same for the next day, if he so desired… He did.  Sooo cooked two meals on Monday, one on Tuesday (not counting my own!) aaand, as I had gone to said friend’s orchard on Sunday and filled up a large grocery bag with Paula Red apples (early ones) and totally emptied one of his crab apple trees, I had me some jelly to make!  So, on Monday morning I cooked the crab apples set them to drain their juice.  After the meals were picked up, and we had our supper, I made the Crab Apple Jelly.

Jewels of Jelly

Jewels of Jelly

I then set one big pot of Paula Reds to cook so they could drain over night.  Tuesday, prepared the meal for my friend and made the first batch of jelly.  Set another full pot to cook and drain over night.

Meanwhile, I had given my name to be a recipe tester for not one, not two, not three, but FOUR recipes (having no idea at the time that I would have so much to do!)  I made a drink recipe (can’t share the details, top secret!) on Tuesday night – bloody good, I tell you.

Yesterday I made the final batch of jelly, this time adding hot peppers to the mix…  Then I made the second recipe…

Somewhere in there I managed to give Zeke a good two-hour walk (then again, it was because I couldn’t sleep!



Today, I volunteered at my sons’ school in the morning for the picking up of books and schedules and payment of accounts, got home by 1:00 p.m. and made a third recipe.  Ooohhh… cannot wait to be able to share with you!

Finally, here I am, resting my buns before I go meet  having just returned from meeting my bestie for a dinner of sushi and WINE and great company!

Tomorrow, we drive a good six miles to go hang out for two nights and three days with a good friend and his family at his cottage.  The only work I’ll be doing there is, yep, you guessed it, cooking!  But this will be just for us and there will be no schedule attached!  Jeff and I have mostly given Anne and Mick the week-end off cooking duties, minus one each!  Anne is making the pizza dough and Mick is making his special chicken wing sauce.  The rest falls to Jeff and me and we can’t wait to cook together.  Fishing, Eating, Drinking, Sitting by the Fire…

R – E – L – A – X – I – N – G!!!