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Wednesday is here again.  Blink of an eye and time to get that muse working. Regular like clockwork this Friday Fictioneers is.  And a good thing these challenges keep us somewhat on track.  WordPress is being a dick with me (and others, I have since learned).  Comments are not showing up in the notification bar so I have to go back into the post to respond. Have no fear, I shall do so!  Till then, let us thank c.e. ayr for his photo of a photo and Rochelle for her reminding us what day it is!  Click on ze frogue below to add your own 100-word story or to read the other participants’ takes on this lovely image.




She was done hanging on to dreams that were never going to come to fruition.  Talk, talk, talk. That’s all they ever did.  Every time she tried to make a plan, excuses were offered.

“That’s it! I’m not waiting for you to participate in what I thought was our dream.” She threw the poster to the curb.


During her evening walk, Layla spotted the photo of Paris. “Oh! Wonderful!”  She looked around, not wanting to appear a garbage picker, saw the coast was clear and took it home.

“I can now add to my dream board.  Paris, here I come!”


Friday Fictioneers – Vision Board

Genre:  Fiction

Word count:  100

Vision Board

©Sandra Crook

Every December, it was the same thing.  During her Christmas shopping, Dana would find herself at the calendar kiosk in the mall, looking for a calendar of Burgundy, France, depicting beautiful images of the area she so longed to visit.  It had become a ritual.  This was, after all, the fifth year that she had such a calendar hanging in her kitchen where she could look at the images daily.

When asked about it, she explained that this was a vision board of sorts. Once she finally made it to Burgundy, a new destination would be chosen.

Next up, Tuscany!

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Photo Prompt:  Copyright © Sandra Crook