A Day in Zug, Switzerland – My Tuscan Trip

Hello my friends!  Day two of my trip and I’ve yet to sleep… I tried. Lord knows I tried on the flight to Zurich.  Sleep or no sleep, I can tell you that I shall be choosing Swiss International for all future European trips (and there will be more)!

I paid a premium for extra leg room and boy did I get it! (I shall be working on getting upgraded to Biz Class in the future… Wow!  What a setup they had!)  Anyhoo… I had Seat 40D, which is an aisle seat in the middle section next to the Emergency Exit. A gentleman was sitting in my spot so I had him scoot over.  The lady in the aisle seat next to the Emergency Exit (with waaaaayyyyy more leg room) did not want to sit there as there was no pouch in front of her to put her paraphernalia.  I gladly took her spot and the gentleman managed to convince her to sit in his seat so he got mine!  Musical seats and all were happy and that’s what mattered.

So, once settled and in the air, we were given some rosemary-flavoured crunchy things and a drink.  An hour or so later, supper was delivered.  In hard, reusable plastic dishes with real cutlery.  Salad, chicken curry with rice and string beans, bread, cheese, chocolate cake… deelish!

Everyone has their own screen to watch whatever movie or show or listen to music or play games.  I chose to watch “The Boss” with Melissa McCarthy (what a hoot).  This is when dinner was served.  I started to watch “A Bigger Splash” with Ralph Fiennes, and Tilda Swinton then told myself to smarten up and get some sleep.  Yeah… No.  I “may” have dozed but frankly, don’t think so. By 5-ish a.m. local time, breakfast was served! Mini croissant with butter and jam, orange juice, yogurt and a coffee.  Did I mention how impressed I was with Swiss?

Getting off was a breeze.  Once you collect your bag – and in my case, I had none as it was making its way to Firenze – you can choose between the entrance that says: nothing to declare or the one that says:  something to declare. Trust and no paperwork.  I like that.  I stopped off to get some Euros from the ATM (as was suggested to me by a few people) and found Urs waiting for me.  Who is Urs?  A guy I met in Montreal back in April… serendipity and all that…


Big smiles, hugs and kisses and we were off.  He showed me where he lives (very nice) and then we made our way to Zug (pronounced Zoog) the city just past Zurich.  I don’t know if it has a more modern side to it, but we went to the older section with the classic “Swiss” look.  There was also an organic market complete with two llamas making the rounds!

There were dancers and musicians and I so loved hearing the quintet of men playing a lovely song.  The attached video is the same tune they played!


We had lunch in a lovely little outside terrasse – a tapas meal with a glass of white wine and resumed our walk.

*** ran out of juice – both me and the computer! It was 1:00 a.m.! ***

Walking along, we came upon the fountain of Gret Schell (I Googled it, seems there is missing an ‘h’); a woman who had to carry her drunken husband home as he is wearing a jester’s hat and bearing a rod – apparently this was statue-worthy and is celebrated yearly.

I love the cobblestone streets and various buildings

Urs wanted to introduce me to the local renowned dessert called the Treicher Zuger Kirschtorte.  A cherry schnapps loaded sponge cake… yum!


My feet were pretty much done and we had an hour to kill before I had to be back at the airport so we sat by the Zug Lake and watched the ducks and swans and enjoyed the shade.

My visit with Urs was over and it was back to the Airport to wait for my next plane. Sitting on the floor as there were no more seats!


Part 2

And We’re Off! (OK… I’m Off… ;) )

It’s here, it’s here!  Finally!  After all this time, I am finally  making my way to my dream destination of Tuscany, Italy.  This has been a long time coming.  Of course I was last minute everything,  Booking my Airbnbs, getting last-minute items and by 1:30, was still packing my bag!  Considering I had to leave the house by 2:00 pm, I’d say that was cutting it a “tad” close, don’t you think?

I was going to try to use the Über but got flushed twice.  Hmmm… By the time a taxi was called and arrived, it was already 2:15. Cutting it close again. They say to be at the airport 2 hours before take-off time.  That meant arriving at 3:05.  I cannot believe it, considering the amount of traffic we got, but we made it by 3:15!  Cost me a bloody fortune, though. $75.55… eesh… if it costs that much to get home, it would have been a better bargain to use the Park ‘n Fly!  Ah well.  Now I don’t have to worry about losing my car key!  Silver linings, Baby!

So, here I am at Pierre-Elliott Trudeau Airport in Dorval, sitting waiting for flight LX87 to Zurich, Switzerland.


I am so excited! I have a friend in Zurich so I took an 11-hour layover so he could show me around.  Way to start a vacation, eh?

Hope I don’t bore you all to death with my daily postings (considering I haven’t written but one post in how many months?)

See ya tomorrow!