The Wait – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my Peeps!  That means Friday Fictioneers where we write a 100-word story with a beginning, middle and end based on a… well lookit that!  MY photo!   It’s such a fun and rewarding exercise to be able to tell a story is so few words.  Okay, sometimes it’s really hard but still, it is a worthwhile challenge.  One learns to cut the crap out of a story and get to the core really quick.  At least, that’s what we try to do.   Do join in.  We are a friendly and participative (most of us) group.  Click on that there blue frog and add your link!  Our hostess Rochelle Wisoff-Fields does a fabulous job at stealing using, with permission, great photos that either inspire us quickly or really get us scratching our heads, hoping we don’t supply dreck!

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Mine! All Mine!


Genre:  Realistic Fiction

Word count:  100

The Wait

You said you’d be home by midnight. Midnight came and went; then one, two and three o’clock.  By one, I was getting worried.  Two, angry.  By three, I thought, I better get a knock on the door with a policeman telling me:  “I’m so very sorry, M’am, the roads were icy, there was an accident…”  I would never forgive you if you drove drunk.

Waltzing in at eight a.m, you looked sheepish.  “Babe, I was in no condition to drive and slept on Bill’s couch.  I know I should’ve called…”

I punched you in the arm, then held you tight.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!  Whether alone, or in a couple, or in a couple and feeling alone, I send you my love!