This Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday – just barely, a mere hour left! Busy morning, loooong shift (where I wrote most of this… Shhhh. don’t tell my boss!) and finally, after applying the right amount of spit and polish, I finally can share. Thank you, always, to Rochelle, for hosting this bunch of riff-raff. And this week, thank you to Sandra Crook for the use of her lovely photo!

Looking for inspiration, I Googled “train” songs and landed on this Elton John one and the idea was born.

Click me to ride this train!

This Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore

“I used to be the main express.

All steam and whistles heading west.”

There was a time when they stopped, wanting to get closer to her exuberant youthful beauty.

Today, she barely garners a second glance, her charms less dazzling perhaps.

A more subtle type of lovely only to be noticed by those willing to slow down long enough to see it.

“You don’t need to hear it
But I’m dried-up and sick to death of love”

Was this true? Was she truly fed up? Or worse, had she given up?

She needed to find a new song to sing!