Sunday Gratitude – February 8, 2014

Now that I can breathe again (bloody cold knocked me out for a couple of days!) I worked my tail off cooking all day.  Had to wait patiently for my son to come home from work so we could watch the much anticipated 2nd half season premiere (Really?  Must we have two season premieres per year?  It’s like taking the last book of a series and making two movies out of it!  Or taking one less-than-four-hundred-page book and making THREE movies out of it!)  Sorry, I digress.  Must be feeling better than I thought!


Had trouble deciding on which picture to take for this post and found this one that I had not shared anywhere.  I love how there is a rainbow around the sun…

Gratitude List

  1. Neighbours are great when you are feeling like crap.  They go to the store for you and pick up meds so you can sleep at night.  Thank you Julie & Robert!
  2. Thankfully I don’t have an official job to go to so I was able to rest and rest and rest to get better that much faster.
  3. Got another order for a catering job for Tuesday.  Woot!
  4. Though I had been dreading it, I finally started the official Estate paperwork with the bank.
  5. Had dinner with an old friend from way back and set up a get-together with another friend for this coming week.  Some of us have decided to try and connect on a face-to-face basis rather than just through Facebook or blogging.  It will be a most enriching experience methinks!

Gratitude Sunday – February 1, 2015

Another month come and gone in a wink and yet at times it felt quite long.  Time is such a funny thing.

I spent almost three days of doing nothing!  Mind you, Friday I felt the beginnings of a cold so I, for once, actually rested, drank lots of fluids and rested some more.  One would think that by Saturday I would be up and at ’em.  Nope.  Spent the whole day in PJs and relaxing.  Today?  Tempting as it was, I did feel the necessity of removing a layer of stink off my skin!  Though how much can you really stink by doing nothing? 😉  Can’t say I was overly productive today either.  OK… Wasn’t even a bit other than making myself a fabulous breakfast!  Oh, and a surprise visit from a friend.  Toujours contente de te voir Mario! xoxo

Moondust, the lazy cat

Moondust, Iain’s lazy cat


Gratitude List

  1. I Skyped with two of my blogger friends this week!  It is great having the written repartee happening on our blogs or via email or Facebook but to talk face-to-face? Now that is very cool.  Watch out folks, I’ve taken a liking to this method of communicating!!

  2. As I don’t have a job per se, I was able to actually take the time to rest and get over my cold that much faster…

  3. Always being a glass half-full-kind-of-person; instead of getting mad that I was not notified that my services were no longer required and that I was building up stock for nothing, I looked at the six meals sitting in my freezer as free nights for the boys and me.

  4. Took my boys out on Monday night for sushi and a movie ~ went to see Mortdecai, which was surprisingly enjoyable and funny (even the boys thought so!)

  5. Had lunch with my sisters and Dad’s widow, Susan, and realised just how lucky we are that we can get together at the drop of a hat.  So happy we all make an effort to keep in touch with Sue.

  6. Had supper with Patti, whom I hadn’t seen since she left for her honeymoon.  Always great to catch up with a girlfriend and have someone to bitch and moan with.  xoxo