Where’s Your Faith? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge#47

It’s Thursday. And I’m inspired to join in Crispina’s weekly challenge. Because, why not?

Where’s Your Faith?

Do you attend church?

No. I only go to weddings, funerals and the occasional baptism. Oh, and I love to visit churches when I go sightseeing. Does that count?

Not really. So, why don’t you go?

I don’t feel the need. Mom insisted we do our First Communion and Confirmation, that’s it. Felt that was enough to take care of her Catholic duties. Was never much for church going herself.

Why is that?

I think she’d had her fill with the nuns back in the day. They were not, what one would say, pleasant as teachers. She lived in small villages with one school, comprising of one class, taking care of grades 1 to 8. They were a nasty and judgmental lot.

I, myself only had my boys baptised. I guess I’m even more of a hypocrite.

Think you’ll ever start?

Nah. Don’t need a building to have faith.

Good-Bye 2014, Hello 2015 and All Your Possibilities

It would be easy for me to trash the whole year based on the very last month.  Many people would probably tell me that it would be normal or, at the very least, understandable.

I really could.  But I won’t.  It’s just not in my nature to do so.  That doesn’t mean I can’t look forward to a bright 2015!

So let me re-cap.  2014 was filled with wonderful moments that cannot nor should be dismissed.  After all, it did start off on the beaches of Florida!


Valentine’s came around and my love made me a beautiful dinner plus gave me a fabulous camera.  You see, he would watch me leave every morning with Zeke, iPhone (and later Samsung) in hand to take pictures for my blog.  He wanted me to have the proper equipment so he totally spoiled me unexpectedly!

I took many a walk over the course of the year taking hundreds of pictures (no worries, I won’t bombard you!) – these being but a small sample in the winter.

We went up north to my mom’s and went tubing, walking, discovering…

We went out with friends

I turned the big FIVE-OH and was surprised… not that I wanted to be!!! (OK, maybe a little…)

Our families got together for Mother’s Day, birthdays, family BBQs

First camping trip of the year has been in Bainsville, Ontario for quite a few years… this time with the Provenchers and the Apanians.  So much fun that we all did it again in Cape May in July!

Long bike rides, meeting old pals, taking a break, running into family and friend and ending in a face plant… yep ~ was quite the ride…

We climbed Mount Washington and swung from ropes like Tarzan (well not me! Someone has to take the pictures!!!)

We spent two weeks in Cape May, New Jersey with friends and family and ran into old friends!

Friends over (may have exaggerated on both food and booze ~ just sayin’…), more walks, playtime, proud moments…

Visited friends at their cottage on Rice Lake.

Rice Lake

Made some fabulous cakes, took wonderful photography classes…

Went up to Mom’s for Thanksgiving…


And finally, (ironically) I uploaded these images the same day Mick went into the hospital with the intention of showing potential clients what I was making for Mick to give to his clients but never posted them…

So I’m thinking… it really was a fabulous year for the MacIsaacs.  It just didn’t end like we would have liked… Not even close.

We had to say good-bye to our husband/father/son/brother-in-law/uncle/friend…

2014-12-28 23.18.57

And, come December 31st, I did manage to dance and laugh with my sisters and their husbands and some wonderful friends, though I was (we were) all missing Mick.

Let us move on to 2015 with love in our hearts, courage to find new experiences, faith that all will work out and joy in general.

Happy New Year to you all!