My House – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday and I never thought I’d find something to write for Friday Fictioneers – no reflection on your beautiful image, Dawn Miller!  However, as Zeke and I took our walk in the pretty deep snow (at places), wind in our faces (on the way back), a memory came to me… And the irony of life hit me in the face so, I had to go there. Thank you, always, Rochelle, for hosting this – sorry I scared you by saying I would not play this week!  Remember, I won’t be here in two weeks, so, I really won’t be playing!  😉  To play along, click the frog below and add your 100-word story to this beautiful image.

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My House

“This is my house!”

“Stop calling it your damn house. It’s our house! Four of us live here!  It drives me nuts when you say this.”

“What do you expect? It feels like I’m the only one who does anything around here! You guys are lazy and don’t pull your weight.”


Five years later


“This is my house!”

“Oh right, and you just can’t wait for us to leave YOUR house right, Mom?

“Maybe if you guys helped out by pulling your weight, I would call it ours! I feel like I’m on my own and you guys just squat!”

Family Dynamic – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morning!  It’s Hump Day! Or, for about 50-60 of us (give or take) it’s Friday Fictioneers time. And would you look at that? Rochelle has chosen my picture this week! I had a bazillion stories to go with this one and yet, none of them made it to the page, so to speak.  Maybe I’ll have to double-dip. Maybe not. We’ll see 😉 Maybe you have an idea on a story that would go with this picture. Why don’t you try your hand and add your link by clicking the frog below. Not sure how it works? Click on Rochelle’s name and find the rules and regs. G’head, you know you wanna…

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Family Dynamic

How could one feel so alone within such a close family?  Sure, they did lots of activities together but he felt he had no special place within the family dynamic.

Peter had Mom.  She favoured him, he was sure of it. When push came to shove, she always took Peter’s side, no matter what.

Paula had Dad. He protected her, defended her and gave her treats whenever she was sad.  She was Daddy’s little girl and while he understood it, he also resented it.

No matter how hard he tried, Patrick’s deeds went less noticed.

Where did that leave him?