A Tale of Two Cakes

We were invited for dinner at my sister Tracy’s last Friday night.  No special occasion; just because.   I asked her if she minded my bringing a dessert (like, really, who would mind)?  She of course said that was absolutely not necessary and I replied that I was in the mood to make something.  Make something but not have the left-overs at MY house!

Sooooo…if that’s the case, she said… (Bonus:  Left-overs would  NOT end up on my tush and thighs and belly…. you get my drift?

My mint has gone absolutely wild in my garden.  I mean, I truly have to rein it in before it engulfs everything!

Mint, mint everywhere!

Mint, mint everywhere!

So this is one of the things I made:


Lemon Mint Yogurt Cake with Frosted Mint Leaves

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This being a great week-end of not cooking for me, we were invited to my sister Lisa’s for her annual BBQ on Saturday, which coincides with her eldest’s birthday.   I didn’t tell her, but I felt like bringing a nice Strawberry Shortcake as the Quebec strawberries are still absolutely delicious!

Well… things don’t always turn out as planned… my bloody sponge cake fell apart (why I insist on doing this particular recipe, is beyond me… I get it one time out of four….)

So, when life throws you lemons… and all that jazz…

Turn cake into trifle!  No one need know the truth…. Let’s just keep it between us, K?  To see what I did with it, check it out here!

This is what it ended up looking like… not too shabby, if you ask me!


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