Sunday Gratitude – July 26, 2015

I cannot believe my boys were both willing to go “up north” (really is north-west, if we wanna get technical) to my mother’s in Lac-des-Plages.  It is funny how life happens.  We (the sisters) used to go up north to our grand-mother and now our kids go up to visit theirs!  We never would have expected this to be the case but it is so, and I get a kick out of it.

Another wonderful week has come and gone in the blink of an eye!


Gratitude List

  1. So happy my boys agreed to go up to Mom’s for a few days (I remember when I was 15-17 and I didn’t feel like going up any more…)

  2. Was great to see my cousin Alyson, her husband, Eduardo, her brother Peter and my great-aunt (her mother) Gilberte, my aunt Nicole up at my mom’s as we rarely see them.

  3. Sooooo happy it is Quebec’s “Construction Holiday” as I didn’t get off where I should have and ended up crossing the city at rush hour – which was minimal as everyone’s on vacation!  Otherwise it could have taken me three instead of two hours to get home.

  4. Love that my cousin Marc ordered a “Brutus” cake for his buddy and it turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so meself!

  5. Julie came over to pay for her MK stuff and stayed ~ for a glass or more of wine ~ till her friend Kelly came to join us ~ till their husbands came to get them and then asked me to join them at their house for dinner.

  6. I totally lost control of my pool (green is such a nice colour, when it’s not the colour of your water!!!) and Robert kindly shocked it for me.

Sunday Gratitude – August 10, 2014

What a fantastic week-end!  The week was fine too, but as of Friday… the best!  Any time I am surrounded by friends and family, I am at my most happiest-est! Laughter, good food, good wine, great weather, what more does one need?  OK… I would like the Clean-Up Fairy to once, just once, show up before I wake up…. She has yet to make an appearance.  Not that it happens that often, but sometimes the evening ends really late and the dishwasher is at hard work and there would be more dishes to wash and more to clean up but all you want to do is weave your way to your bed… just sayin’ it would be nice if on those occasions, she came by and took care of the rest…

This morning on Facebook, I saw this and it resonated with me.  I would add to it, the friends I’ve made in the Blogosphere as well!


Gratitude List

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  1.  Connecting (or re-connecting) with long-lost friends, introducing our families to each other and all, not only get along, but have a fabulous time!

  2. Teaching our children to break the law… um… by joining them in jumping off a bridge into the river!

  3. Getting the whole family (almost) – aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives – together for a summer BBQ and the weather is fantastic.

  4. Hugs and kisses from those we only see once per year or less; knowing the feeling is mutual in missing each other.

  5. Driving home after midnight, with nary another driver in sight, listening to good tunes and knowing your passengers feel safe in your hands.

Gratitude Sunday – June 29, 2014

Last full week of June has come and gone already!  And what a week.  Gorgeous weather for the most part – a little rain came our way but it was a good thing!  As the week went on, it just got hotter and hotter and there is no way in hell I am complaining!  After the winter we had, this is just so nice.  As long as we protect ourselves from the sun’s rays, all is good!

After last Saturday’s fall, I took it very easy.  There were enough aches and pains to remind me that it would be a good idea to take a break from physical activity.  By Thursday I still could not chew anything of substance so I finally went to see my doctor.  I’m sure it’s for naught but he still sent me for some x-rays – results tomorrow.

Needless to say, poor Zeke did not get too many of our long morning walks…just a small one here and there.  We’ll make up for it this coming week!


Gratitude List

  1. Not only did we go see the Montreal Impact (our soccer team) today on a most bee-au-ti-ful day, they wone 3-0!

  2. We all got together at my sister’s house for an informal BBQ and swim – even Mom made the two-hour drive just to hang out with us.

  3. When I need to see my doctor, I call and get an appointment either the same day or the next, at the latest – happily we can afford to go private.

  4. I have finally created the habit of flossing my teeth every night. Sounds like a silly thing to be grateful for but it has been something I’ve struggled with!  My gums will be grateful, too!

  5. We are able to sit in our backyard in relative peace lately.  So nice!


Idle hands…not here!

What a jam-packed two days!! I feel like I’ve barely had a moment to just sit down and do nothing – or write until now, that is!

On Friday, I got a hot pepper delivery to heat up my apple jelly recipes… rubs hands with glee… from my buddy David, owner of Verger des Dix-Terres, He’d asked me to make some chili-enhanced versions of my jelly and was more than happy to supply me with the heat (my son’s peppers are not doing so “hot”!)

I had washed, halved, and cooked the crabapples (could not believe I had 14 pounds in my bag!) and set them up to drip before David arrived so I got to show him the results so far… He was pretty impressed at the quantity of juice that had already dripped.

Had lunch, cleaned up the mess that was the kitchen and it was already time to shower and leave to meet a friend for dinner. What a nice time we had! We met at 5:00 pm and ended up chatting until 10:00 pm!! We hadn’t seen each other in about a year and had a lot of catching up to do. We parted ways, vowing to not let so much time go before seeing each other again.

Saturday morning, our alarm went off at 7:00 am and by 7:30 we were off on our bikes, hubby equipped with a backpack as I needed strawberries to make my 21-year old niece’s birthday cake. We did a good 30 km all, did a very mini grocery and were back home by 8:30.

Started on my strawberry swirl cheesecake right away. While it was cooking in it’s water bath, I decided to make one batch of crabapple chili jelly.

I used about 1/4 of a 7-pot (ridiculously hot pepper). I let it float around in the juice for about 5 minutes, removed it and tasted it… I thought it had a good zing. So I then had my “expert”: my hot pepper-loving son taste it and no, according to him, it was too wimpy. Hmph! Alrighty then! Threw the same piece back in just as the mixture began to boil and let it hang out for another 2 minutes, give or take. NOW, it passes muster! This pepper goes right for the back of the throat. But in a jelly, you start off with a sweet taste and then you feel a little “what is that?” and then zing! right to the throat’s g-spot!

Next up was to skim the shmeg off the top and pour into 2 jars. Problem is I didn’t get it all (the shmeg) and ended up mixing it in and then couldn’t get rid of it. Ugh. No worries, it was the trial run. Not the prettiest of jellies but will do!

2013-08-24 13.25.49

By now the cheesecake should be ready and I can bake the marbled “will-be-longboard” cake that needs to be ready for Sunday morning. Nope, damn cheesecake is not ready so I give it almost an extra 1/2 hour, let it cool, pop it in the fridge and pray. Make the marble cake for tomorrow.

2013-08-24 10.29.15

Mom and the Aunts finally arrive around 1:30 pm or so for lunch so I take a small break. Oh, and I get them to taste the jelly and they love it and want some! Woot! Hubby makes his wicked burgers and we kick them out at 3:00 (we are all expected at my sister’s for 4:00 pm so the timing’s great).

I figure I have time to prepare my icing for Sunday’s cake, take a shower and…yeah. No way in hell will we make it in time! Give Sis a call to warn her we’ll be late and then get to work. Neighbour happens to stop by with a couple of brewskies so we don’t want to be rude… I can be sociable whilst I work! Make my icing, tint it in the desired colours and off to take my shower!

We join the party and enjoy yummy souvlaki and corn on the cob and – cheesecake – that did not completely take in the middle at the bottom! Sonofa… Crap! Crap! Crap! I was not happy. And on top of that I didn’t even like the flavour all that much (and unfortunately, neither did the birthday girl). Everyone else said they enjoyed it but, for me, failure. Let’s just say that particular recipe will not be staying in my “keepers” file.

This morning, I woke up before my alarm. It wasn’t even 7:00 and it’s Sunday! Egad! Well, I’ve got work to do so let’s go. Get that coffee pot on, check my emails, see what’s happening of FB and before I get totally lost, log off and start work my longboard creation.

It was to be picked up around 11-ish so I had no time to waste. I knew I’d have to go shopping for something to use for the wheels and I had some kind of dipped cookie in mind but the grocery store had none that tickled my fancy. The did however have “rainbow rice crispies treats so they’d have to do! I like the effect it had…

2013-08-25 10.41.57

So yes, I feel that NOW I can relax! But it’s time to make supper….

Have an excellent day/evening, dear readers!