#WeekendCoffeeShare – This and That and Overdue


If we were having coffee, I’d say it’s late… late for coffee, late in writing these posts, late in the afternoon… but if you want coffee, please, just say so, it would be my pleasure.  I am having beer so will skip the caffeine.  You may join me… I have wine or other spirits, if you prefer.  I truly am accommodating.

If we were having coffee (or beer or wine or what have you), I would tell you that it has been brought to my attention – more that twice (Eric and Kathy, to name two) – that I have been very remiss in my writing.  I do manage to write a weekly Friday Fictioneers, most weeks, just to say I am not “sans mots” (without words) completely.  I cannot explain other than to say that life has totally gotten in my way and I have allowed it to come in and remove all the things that bring me joy, or mostly.  That and I couldn’t seem to get my arse into my seat and my fingers to do more than click mindlessly through Facebook and whatnot.

I have been challenged by many things lately. I’ve been procrastinating big time on clearing out this house.  I keep telling all a-ya’all that I’m working on it… Yeah. Don’t believe me.  Until last week, I did a whole lotta NUTHIN’!  Would start, get over-whelmed and then turn around and leave… Well. Finally, I started with Mick’s office.  I was challenged by a friend (thank you, Pedro) and I figured if I went with the most difficult and emotional one, it would make the rest seem easy-peasy.  Still not totally done because there are starts and stops but I’m not beating myself up about it.

2016-04-16 12.14.32

This was just in the drawers!!!  Lord have mercy.. the man was a pack rat (if not to say hoarder…)  It is far from that now but still not quite where I want it to be.  Once done – no, I am not done yet. I shall provide a decent photo, I assure you.

If we were having coffee (or beer, or wine or what have you), I’d share that my house has been World War Three since our return from Cuba (I promise, a post is forthcoming).  I would like to run away from home, but that is apparently frowned upon.  I am starting to understand why certain species eat their young.  That is all I shall say for now.  A moment of peace has reigned since Friday so I dare not disturb the gods… Thank you, again, Pedro.

Today, my lovely brother-in-law, Chris and nephew, Shane, came and helped the boys and me take down the Tempo.  Willow (Aidan’s girlfriend), arrived just in time to help out as well… I am sure I mentioned the putting up of such structure back in November or December.  Now the eyesore is finally put away.  They are the ugliest ever but boy, when a foot of snow has fallen, or the temps reach -30C, I can definitely appreciate not having to scrape the windows or brush off the snow!

2016-04-24 16.30.10

Yes… we did manage to fit the tarp in the bag!

If we were having coffee or – please see above – I would share that I am starting a new job at a golf club as a waitress.  “Why, oh why would you choose to do that?”  I have heard more than once.  Well, this is what happened.  A friend that I used to work with back in the day at Corby Distilleries, then at Elixirs, and with whom I’ve kept in contact over the years, a man named François Lachapelle, gave me a call when he came back in town.  He had been working up north in Val d’Or for the past four years (we are talking in major black fly country…) and was now back home, so to speak.  He told me that he was in charge of the restaurant of a private golf club and would I be interested in working for him?  I told him I had zero official experience in service and he said “So?”  Well, now… I was getting a little tired of talking to my stove.  Never had much to say except to emit lovely scents on occasion…  I was going a bit stir-crazy.  I have basically, without any official conscious decision, chosen to do Shonda Rhimes’ “Year of Yes”.  So, I said yes.

Our official first meeting of the season, for all the staff, in all the departments, was on Saturday at 9:30.  We met the General Manager and President of the Board of Directors (well, us newbies did for the first time) and then each department head introduced their team.  It is the 50th anniversary of this club and it has been (and is still going) under a major upgrade.  Smells like a new building and pretty much only the exterior is original.  All the inside has been redone.  It was fun to see the veterans ooh and aah over the changes.  For us newbies, it was, well.  Wow, nice place to work!

As part of the restaurant staff, we had an additional meeting on the hows and whats and then the rookies were drafted to wash and wipe all the cutlery and count it.  THREE HOURS it took!  I have never seen so many knives, forks, spoons!  And we were four doing it until even François came in to help.  We ended up being 5-6 working on the task.  All good.   Done by 4:30 as predicted.

Is it silly that I am excited to start this new adventure?  So many people are blasé about working in service.  This is a private, classy club.  I’m thinking that I am most lucky to have a start in such a milieu.  Tuesday we learn the new computer/service system, Thursday is the official opening cocktail for the members and Friday and Saturday I am in training for the real job.  I have butterflies in my stomach and love it.  I think it is good to still get butterflies at the age of 52… don’t you?

I feel like I have oodles more to tell you but must stop now.  I don’t want to bore you to death…

On Thursday we lost yet another icon.  Prince.  I loved his music.  I loved what he represented.  I leave you with my favourite Prince song….  Hmmm… even that is something… Try downloading a Prince video before we lost him.  Was quasi-impossible…