What’s the Blooming Big Deal? – Friday Fictioneers

From the late hour on this Wednesday, February 1st, 2017, one could surmise that a) I was busy b) I had computer issues or c) I was stumped.  We’ll go for c)!  I have to admit I looked at this image from Roger Bultot and drew a blank.  Tried to type something – ex-nayed that.  Made another coffee, played a few mindless games on the Facebook, came back to the image.  Tried again.  Zilch. Made myself lunch, chatted with a friend, looked at the tumbleweed that is Zeke’s fur, turned away from that before the urge to take out the vacuum hit too hard and came back to the image.

Please forgive me.  This was the best I could do!  Thanks always to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for stumping hosting this shindig week after week.

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©Roger Bultot

Painful Word Count – 100

Genre – Fiction

What’s the Blooming Big Deal?

She stared out of her window at the street below.  Ugh, more snow has fallen.  February first.  Why does February, the shortest month, feel like the longest month of the year?

Her eyes drifted to the white orchid on the windowsill.  What is it about orchids that so fascinated people anyway?  Everything she had ever read about them stated they were a bitch to keep blooming.  She put the requisite 3 ice cubes per week and enjoyed the flowers as they bloomed and fell one after the other, stem and leaves remaining.

To the bin and back to Costco for another!