Summer Solstice

I haven’t been doing much participatin’.  Just a phase I’m going through, methinks.  However, I did start this two days ago (what?) and am finally ready to share today.  dVerse on Monday Haibun was hosted by Frank J. Tassone and he suggested we celebrate the Solstice (summer for the northern hemisphere, winter for the southern).  I love this time of year because it still has a mix of cool and warm days, especially in the Montreal area.  It’s a little Russian Roulette weather-wise.  Come mid-July to mid-August, we risk getting the gross, humid, hot and life-sucking heat.  So, I shall take this time to celebrate the little joys.

The tulips, rhododendrons, and lilacs have come and gone, their scent barely a memory before the next wave of blooms take centre stage, such as daisies, irises, and lillies.  Hatchlings have broken free from their shells and are looking less and less like little aliens and more like their parents, wings coming in slowly.

Yes indeed, Summer Solstice is upon us in the northern hemisphere.  Before the humidity and serious heat hit, we are graced with temperatures hovering around the 25℃ (75℉).  Daisies sway in the lovely breeze, bees are buzzing, roses are blooming and strawberries are starting to pop up to join with the rhubarb – cakes, pies, cordials?  The sounds and scents of summer fill the air.  And when the rains come?  They can be gentle or fierce, accompanied by thunder and lightening. Oh! To have a covered porch again so that I can feel I am one with the elements!

To Summer Solstice

Coming to life with aplomb

Soak it all in now



Beauty Doesn’t Always Fade

After a few days of little sleep my body decided enough was enough!  I decided to try and take a short nap today (I am so not a napper) in hopes that I could get an hour or so of rest.

Well, after a doorbell that got me just as I was in that blissful in-between state and then a phone call just as I was just getting comfy for the second time, I finally succumbed.  I cannot believe that I slept for about three hours!  Three hours!  Was she tired, or what?  I did not awake refreshed and ready to take on the day ~ it was already 1:30 pm!

The cold was back today but not so cold that I needed to dress like Nanook from the North!  Off Zeke and I went in search of a nice path.  Most was frozen over but there were mucky parts galore.  ‘Twas difficult to choose the right path.  We ended up in one of our parks and I decided to get close to a lovely weeping willow standing out in the oh-so blue sky.  Focussing on the final destination, I was less focused on the path.  So, what looked frozen solid was in fact, not. Sunk down to my ankles in my not-so-waterproof boots. Blast!  Had to turn around and hightail it back home as soon as possible before the wet seeped completely to my poor tootsies.

So, no pictures of our walk today ~ well, none worth sharing, anyway.

Two days ago I was fascinated by the transformation of my bouquet that I received on Valentine’s Day.  Remember how lovely it was?

Gift from Dorothy & Lorne

Gift from Dorothy & Lorne

Well, it has been hanging around since!  The flowers were slowly fading yet had a beauty to them that I just wasn’t ready to throw away yet.  The light from my living room was just right and I snapped away.

Today’s society is quick to dismiss the ageing population, no longer seeing the beauty that remains, maybe just a little faded but often still vibrant.

Gratitude Sunday – February 15, 2015

It was a week of ups and downs ~ but mostly of ups!  I had fun participating in A Frank Angle’s Life: The Musical.  You see, I only started following him recently so I didn’t know about this lovely project (the second one of its type) where his readers are asked to participate in the acts making up the musical.  I arrived at the Epilogue and submitted my song without completely understanding what this was all about.  Well, I had me a whole lotta fun (and gave him a run for his money) by going back and participating in each act.  Fun stuff and one that really made me think of what to share to represent me in each act.  Frank was most kind and gracious by catering to my whims and taking the time to comment my choices.

Gratitude List

  1. Not only did Patti give me chocolates when we saw each other on Wednesday; Fhameeda (my neighbour, five house down) did too!

  2. We had our annual birthday celebration for Andre and I paced myself so that I could last (read out-last) the evening.  Kept up with the boys!

  3. Received the beautiful bouquet above – definitely was spoiled this year!

  4. Ever so lucky that my paediatrician has emergency clinic every morning from 8:30-9:30 – no appointment necessary.  All is good with the boy.

  5. It was a week of seeing old friends and new friends; catching up on each others’ lives – some taking three hours to try and cram in 18 years!  Will definitely have to re-do that one!

Making Rainbows of Daisies

I follow this lovely Canadian blog called Twig and Toadstool, written by a duo named Maureen and Shanti, each of whom has two young daughters.  They are two very crafty ladies who create all sorts of cool things to eat and make.  With each post I am inspired!

I will definitely be trying their pressed flower mobile (already bought the outdoor Mod Podge for it!) and absolutely had to try one of their most recent projects:  Rainbow Daisies.  First, because they are one of my favourite flowers and second, because this looked so cool!

Well, I don’t have the excuse of having any daughters (though I did try three times!) but my teenage boys thought it was pretty cool anyway.  Deep down, I just wanted to please my girlie self!

While walking Zeke in the early evening, I saw some wild daisies.  They were not the biggest nor the most robust but I thought it would still be fun to try this trick.

So, being a cake maker, I did not lack for food colour gels.  They do suggest to use the liquid food colouring but the only one I had in liquid form was the blue (which, by the way, gave the best result!)  They say to put 10-20 drops of food colouring in a small glass – such as a tall shot glass – but I only put in about 7 (‘coz I didn’t remember how much to put and I didn’t go back to check)!  When it came to the gels, I added a reasonable “clump”.  Next time I will definitely use  more!


Night before:

Waiting for magic

Waiting for magic

And when I woke up the next morning, this is what I got!


So, next time I try this (maybe for a dinner party centre piece…. I will use more food colouring and bigger, more robust daisies!  Definitely a fun project to try with your young-uns or … not!


The Detritus of Spring

Spring's Detritus

Spring’s Detritus

The Detritus of Spring


Oh wonderful, wonderful spring!

With that stink and detritus you’ve dealt

We know once the snow is all melt’

Some beautiful flowers you’ll bring!