Ya gotta start somewhere

So, this is my third blog and have decided to start afresh (again). I am pretty much the mistress of Start and the empress of Unfinished & Incomplete and I want to stop this pattern. I have challenged myself to blog every day for one week, just to see how it fits and to give myself a small goal.

Baby steps.

I must practice what I preach. Just this last Saturday I “coached” someone recently and told her to breathe, slow down and to take one step at a time because she was totally overwhelmed, discouraged and depressed that she wasn’t where she wanted to be. Why the quotation marks, you ask? I cannot give myself a title I have never trained for nor have the official qualifications for in any way! No matter how much I seem to attract those who feel they can talk to me. Maybe I give good counsel or listen well – I’m not sure! She asked me if I had a minute to chat and I said yes. After a good 20 minutes or so, she thanked me for my time and felt that she could re-align herself. I asked her what had propelled her to approach me in the first place. She said it was because of my beautiful smile (wow, I love that!) and that she felt that I had a kind heart. Well… I was beyond touched. And inspired. And maybe I just stood a little taller.

I’ve thought about this off and on over the years and have come to realise that this was not an isolated incident. This has been something that has been going on for years. Take my office. Folks never just stand in the doorway to say “Hey, what’s shakin’?” They walk in, sit in my guest chair and chat away. I love it and encourage it so maybe there is some kind of coach inside of me! Have I thought of taking coaching classes? Yes indeed. Have I done so? Hell no! Very costly, I don’t have some of the pre-requisite courses, there is no place close to home, and well, I guess what that really means is it is not something that I truly feel compelled to be doing full-time.

Holy cow. I just let my fingers go and have totally gotten off-topic! Welcome to my crazy head. Where was I?

Oh yeah. Baby steps. One blog post at a time. No quitting. No unfinished business! Oh, and no excuses. I have not even “prettified” this blog page yet so do expect some changes as I go along!

One final note: I also have another new beginning. I decided to join my man for a morning run. You must understand that I am SO not a runner so this is definitely another challenge I’ve decided to put myself through! We’ve agreed that Monday, Wednesday, Friday we’ll run and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, we’ll bike. As I usually leave for work at 6:15 am that means we have to get up bloody early to get in a half hour!

5:00 am we were off. We ended up doing a total of about 3.5 km. I did manage to run all the way to the end point but admit I needed slow down to a walk (fast!) 3 times on the way back. Still, quite proud of myself for breaking in my new runners and on Wednesday, I aim for only 2 stops!