Weekend Share – On a Monday! – February 5, 2018

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”
John F. Kennedy

Good Monday to you.  I hope you all had as nice a week as I did.  Well most of it, anyway.  Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and normally, that means a whole lotta nothing to me.  Okay, always means a whole lotta nothing but I still watched it.  Yay Eagles!  Why?  Because the Patriots were favoured to win, so I took for the other team 😉

Monday was a mostly lazy day, I would say.  Doing paperwork and such but not too much – almost as bad as this cat

On Tuesday, Julie and I went to see “The Shape of Water”.   We were going to walk towards a Korean restaurant we enjoy but that would have meant getting cold.  And losing the time walking.  So we decided to go up to the fourth floor of the old Forum to eat crap instead.  By crap, I mean burgers and fries and beer 😉  Man that place is tired!  Still.  It gave us a chance to catch up and enjoy a good hour and a half before the movie.  Which we stupidly didn’t buy tickets for beforehand.  Why?  We still can’t figure out why we didn’t.  After waiting in two lines – first one to get to either the wicket with a human or the machine… was me.  We were surprised that the theatre was pretty full and were happy to get decent seats once one guy moved over.  We really enjoyed this sci-fi flick.  I didn’t think I would, frankly.  I was going to include the official trailer but frankly, now that I’ve seen the movie, I find the trailer gives too much.  Just go see it.  Everyone was fantastic.

On Thursday, just as I was about to close my drapes and hit the sack, I see THIS in my driveway!

Now I know it’s a random turn-around in my driveway but still… No way someone could do that on purpose!  😀

As we were sitting on my couch Saturday, François pointed to my painting by my friend Véronikah…

Hmmm… kinda funny. No?

Friday Zeke and I went for a walk to “my” river over at Parc des Brouages.  For some strange reason, I have been sleeping like shite lately, waking up really early – too early – and giving up on going back to bed, catching up on sleep, meanwhile hoping that by getting up early, I’ll fall asleep at night and stay asleep until morning.  Dreamer.  I’m nothing but a dreamer.

That said, and trying to look at the bright side.  I’ve been getting stuff done.  Sorta.  The good thing is we get to go out and get some frest air!  But first, before it disappears, Zeke next to my “hearts”!

And off we go, passing through the “des Iles Percées” park with its marcescent trees.

And making our way to said park.  Perfect timing.  We walked along “my” river, snapped some pics, fell on my knees on the hard ice (ouch), and walked back just as the recess bells rang.  We made sure to be out before the school brats kids were released!

What’s this?  We are not alone… rabbit?

Two sides of “my” river

Hearts can be found anywhere you look…

Worth the banged up knee… Zeke actually came towards me when he heard my “ouch”.  I then sat back and listened to the relaxing sounds of the water.

Walking back towards home, we came upon these mega Christmas balls…

And a typically Canadian thing… toboggan next to the door!

Get home and I finally pick up the glove that has been on my snow removal stick, figuring that I shall finally chuck it as no one has claimed it.  Umm. It’s mine…

And with so much beautiful sunshine, despite the cold, the snow and ice have started to melt.  Houston, we have a problem.  The temporary fix did not last overly long!

Saturday, we were off to celebrate Dany’s birthday at La Porte Grecque. Of course I said I would make the cake!  What flavour?  Oh, chocolate-anything, was the response.  I said I knew exactly what I would make but just needed to know how many peeps we would be.  Final countdown, 15.  So, though my recipe says my 4-layer chocolate-banana cake in 8 1/2″ cake tin is for 14-16, I didn’t trust it… so I went with the 10″.

Birthday boy seemed to be quite happy…

How could I resist being the middle of these two handsome dudes, making a “sangweech” as Giselle called it!

Martin, Moi, Dany

The whole gang together to celebrate.  Just think.  All of us with arrows pointed at our heads?  Besides Dany, who arrived in the 3rd year of high school, we’ve known each other since 1976… 42 years this year!  (Well, actually, Julie and I went to kindergarten and grade 1 together!  Nuts!!

Standing: François M., Julie, Michael, Me, Marc, François A., Tania Sitting: Dany, Giselle, Sophie, Thierry, Caroline, Martin Kneeling: Jean-Luc, Sonia

Oh yeah… The hearts were still in my driveway come Friday afternoon when François showed up.  So, upon returning from the restaurant, his answer was this:

Which, if I haven’t put you to sleep yet, brings us to Sunday!  Do nothing day.  Well, sorta.  Giselle sent me us a message thanking us for celebrating her man’s birthday and also to tease us with the fact they were having left-over cake for breakfast.   In retaliation, I made chocolate-banana pancakes and served the left-over white chocolate whipped cream (icing) on top!  This caused another flurry of exchanges… tee hee…

After stuffing himself, François slaved away painting in the basement and I did the preps for that night’s supper.  The Super Bowl and chicken parmesan – not quite a usual paring but it worked for us!

And, just sayin’  I called the Eagles’ win… 😀

It’s now so late it is almost Tuesday!  Sheesh!!!  Have a fabulous week, my lovies…

A few of the 10,000 things that make me happy

11. Friends – and get-togethers
12. Cake – who doesn’t love cake?
13. Sense of humour – gets me out of a funk every time
14. Comfy couch – to cuddle next to a loved one
15. Movies – to escape into another world




A Mindful Walk

The day was too beautiful to waste my time in a gym (and really, like I was going to go, eh?) or in the house, cleaning, so, why not go outside for one of our (Zeke and me) walks?  We were way overdue and hadn’t gone on one of our mega long walks in a long time.

I chose to go over to the other side the main drag (de Mortagne, for those of you in the know) which helps me get my 10,000 steps in.  Though Météo Média “told” me it was -9ºC, but felt like -18 ºC, I found myself overdressed.  I should learn to NOT to put on my thermal shirt under my coat unless the temps dip to -35ºC!!  Didn’t take long to remove the scarf and stuff it in my camera bag!  Taking pictures usually requires me to warm my hands between each shot but not today.  The sun made a huge difference.  That and the lack of wind!


As I was walking, I started thinking of my blogger/Facebook friends and how amazing it is to have connected with people all over the world.  People I have yet to meet in person.  People who have touched my life in one way or another.  People who graciously and generously sent me love when I needed it and who encourage me to try new things and challenge myself.  This post has become a sort of thank you to a just a few of them!

It all started as I was taking pictures of trees.  Suddenly I thought of Phyllis, because she loves trees!  We met through an on-line photography class, and I’ve followed the tenuous arrival and amazing growth of her beloved grandchild, Madeline.  What an inspiration they all are in that family!


I came upon some benches.  They were not the prettiest ones out there but benches make me think of Raye, a wonderful artist and writer, (though she doesn’t write much any more – much to my chagrin) that I met through another blogger, named John.  Raye’s writing grabbed me and next thing I knew, I was stalking her, reading every single one of her posts and leaving my two cents’ worth all over the place.  She played along and we found that we must have been separated at birth in one of our past lives.  We have been known to use another’s site for our bantering (right, John?) and have since become friends – by the way, RRR, we are WAY overdue for a Skype session, hmmm?


Speaking of John, I wish I had one-third of his photographic talents.  I’m working on it!  This Irish guy has an eye for beauty in the simple things.  Here’s a little something for you.  I was playing with the shadows… At least the blue sky was my friend 😉


Walking along, I came upon the little “bridge” in the middle of nowhere in Parc de Coutance.  Well, of course I though of Jean, another Irish blogger (methinks I may have met John through her, I could be wrong, but does it really matter?)  She is fascinated with all things bridge and not just the structural kind made of wood or metal or whatever but mostly the social kind between people, cultures, etc. No one, and I mean NO one loves her homeland as Jean does.  It just oozes through her words and pictures of her beloved Tramore County.


I was starting to enjoy myself immensely because my walk suddenly had a new purpose.  Well, purpose, that’s a big word.  Let’s just say I had made a game of it. Exercise, fresh air, great company and now a game.  What fun!

Photography has been a part of my life ever since I got my first Kodak Instamatic.  Remember those?  With the flash cube you added on top?  Fun.  I took one lesson at Dawson College and truly enjoyed myself.  I’ve been the “Kid Kodak” in my family for a long time (still am) and have the boxes of negatives and photos to prove it.  That said, when Joy  showed up… (The how I met Joy is a four-blog-hop process!  So.. Thanks Jessica for getting the ball rolling!) …and offered on-line photo classes, I jumped in.  I learned a lot through her and – no worries, Joy, I WILL do my classwork on the last one I signed up for.  My timing was shot, my computers were shot, the light was shot and next thing I knew it was over and done with.  But I’ve kept my lessons and will do them.  Promise.  PicMonkey has become my new best friend for editing photos and having fun with my images!


The clouds were making cool patterns and Janet, chef, teacher, artist, writer (another who needs to write more!) came to mind.  I would link to one of her blogs but, cannot. This link is a guest blog she did and truly gives a sense of who she is.  Her sarcastic humour is what got me at first and that was through her comment on another blog (please, do not ask me which one!)  Next thing I knew, I was once again a stalker.  We have since become friends as well and like to Skype for a good chin-wag when we can.  She is brilliant and I am lucky to count her in my circle.

I then was on a mission for the colour purple.  Figures. No matter where I looked, I could not find anything purple!  Ah come on!  How am I supposed to honour Rochelle? She’s the queen of purple.  Her blog is called Addicted to Purple!  I can’t use just any old image!  This woman has become my writing mentor and friend.  I was half-way home and thinking dang… I am going to have to play with the colours of something or other and make it purple!  And then… I burst out laughing!  Okay, I admit, I may be pushing it a bit but you gotta laugh, no?  Lucky for me, these little girls flocked to Zeke and one just so happened to be dressed in the appropriate colour.  So I used both.  Because.  It’s my blog.

Now I am going to cheat here as there is another I would like to mention.  That would be Sarah.  It is all her fault that I write haikus and am now a member of Friday Fictioneers.  Last Friday, during our walk, I composed a couple of haikus in my head – then dictated them to my cell because, frankly, they would be lost otherwise –  but didn’t post them when I got home because I was invited out and just didn’t take the time.  Sooo. we’ll just pretend the following was from today, okay?



And lastly, before you all fall asleep in boredom, I cannot write such a post and exclude Zeke now, can I?  He’s way more popular than I am!  How can he not be; such a handsome and faithful companion…



#WeekendCoffeeShare – My Feet and Knees Are Killing me!


Well hello, my lovelies!  The end of the week-end is nigh!  I almost feel like I need another.  No, make that I know I feel I need another!

Before I get started on regaling you with my week’s happenings, please let me first thank Diana from Part-Time Monster for hosting this little gathering of story tellers.  If you click on the image above, you will be brought to her site where you can read her story and if you click on the blue frog, you can check out others and, if you are so inclined, to add your own!

If we were having coffee, I might suspect you would prefer decaf; it is after all past 9 pm.  Maybe you’d prefer a glass of wine or beer?  A cup of tea?  I want you to be happy, so please, don’t be shy…  I would tell you that my week was ridiculously tiring.  As mentioned in past posts, I started working at Pier 1 Imports and on Monday had my first 7-hour shift.  May I just say that I have a new respect for all those people who have been working in retail for years and years, standing on their feet all day?  I make sure I change shoes each shift but still end up with pained feet. To ensure I not only have sore feet, I ended up at the cash with no mat on the floor so my knees were not happy campers either. Yesterday I was kind enough (won’t be in the future) to help close up.  Yeah.  No.  Never again.  I have enough toilets in my own house to clean, will not be helping to close at the store again.  Blech.

I managed to find time to clean my oh-so-disgusting oven.  I’ve been using it so much lately, I just couldn’t find an overnight time to do it.  I used to say I wish I had a self-cleaning oven and my sister Tracy would say: “You do!”  “What?  No I don’t!”  “Yes”. she’d say, “it’s Mick!”  How right she was.  I was spoiled by him.  He figured the least he could do for getting all his yummy meals was to clean it for me.  Sigh.  Another thing taken for granted!  But oh, my, look how she does sparkle!

2015-12-02 18.38.40

I tried a few recipes this week and surely hope my customers like them!  Jamaican Chicken Stew – lucky me, there was extra for us, Pork Chops with peppers (gasp!  Just realised I totally forgot to take pictures!) and made a few standards such as Blade Roast and Eggplant Parmesan (kinda wish I made myself one!)  I even made the boys some Pumpkin-Cranberry-Pecan cookies.

If we were having coffee, I’d let you know that I usually go out with a friend during the week but was frankly so tired, I elected to just stay home and relax.  Relaxing should mean sitting on my butt and reading a book or watching TV but no, I cleaned the top of my stove, made the cookies, cleaned two of my three outside lamps on my lamp post… third one has a stripped square head screw and I was unable to take the bloody thing apart.  Will need to use a special bit – which I am positive I have but have no friggen clue as to what it looks like.  Will be needing some neighbourly or brother-in-lawyly help!  One more light to go after that one.  The one at the front door that anyone over 6’2″ (David?) inevitably hits their head on…  It amases me just how so many bugs and whatnots get in there!  Next day off is this coming Wednesday. Weather permitting, it will be done.

If we were having coffee, or like I’m doing now, a glass of wine… I’d tell you just how much I appreciate my crock pot!  It was used in four of five meals for my clients.  But I did learn a valuable lesson.  Do NOT put it on overnight.  You see, I set it up in the garage, on a very conveniently placed counter so that is is not in the way.  The problem is, is my bedroom is directly above the garage.  How in the hell is a person supposed to sleep when delicious scents of pulled pork are teasing their nostrils?  2:30 in the morning I was sniffing it!  Not good.  Not good at all.  But lesson learnt!

I was asked to make a special cake for a new birth (Mia) and also to celebrate a bunch of December birthdays.  It was a challenge I was most up to and was a cute one to boot!  Nancy needed the cake for this Sunday morning between 10:00 and 11:00 am and so I told her I would deliver it as I needed to be able to work on it between my other job!  She was pretty pleased to not have to come and get it and she told me I’d be lucky enough to see the rest of her family that I happen to know and have vacationed with!  It was so fantastic to see Sophie and Karl and their kids Tommy and Naomie.  We’ve camped with them in Cape May and Florida as well as gone on a cruise with them.  It was lovely to see Karl’s brother Mario and his wife Marie-Eve and their daughters, having camped with them also in Cape May.  These people have to be the kindest, sweetest people ever.  They immediately asked how the boys and I are doing, realising that a difficult anniversary is coming up.  They all came for Mick so I left there a tad teary-eyed and feeling a mixture of love and sadness.

And, if we were having another coffee or glass of wine, I’d tell you that the reason I am so late in posting is because I was invited to dinner…at my house!  Paul Chow, special Mick friend was missing his buddy (as was his daughter, Thalia) and so he sent me an email saying how much he’d like to see me and the boys and invite us to dinner; however, his apartment was too small, so would I be willing to invite him over and he’d bring the food and wine!  How could I possibly resist authentic Chinese cuisine?  Unfortunately, Anik (Paul’s girlfriend) and Chloe (Paul’s eldest) could not come.  We were served a most delicious Crispy Skin Duck, Pork and tofu and Chinese Broccoli in Hoisin sauce.  I made some plain white rice to go with.  Can you say delicious?  Oh yum.   Just as we were patting our stomachs and deciding to wait for dessert (I made a “Dad’s Wacky Cake” and crème anglaise), Paul got a call that Anik had locked herself out of her apartment!  Well that cut the evening short.  Bummer.  Oh well, we did get a good three hours-worth of catching up so it was still a fabulous evening.  And to top it all off, Iain offered to do the dishes.  No complaints from Mom, that is for sure!

I hope I’ve not bored you to tears with my week’s happenings, or that you’ve fallen asleep from too much wine!  I truly enjoyed spending this time with you and it looks like another busy week is coming my way.  I shall hopefully set aside some time to just sit and be.

I wish you all well and hope your week is full of love, happiness, laughter and joy!


Weekend Coffee Share – My First Attempt


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I had planned to participate in this most lovely challenge (though I prefer to call it, collection of like-minded souls) two weeks ago.  It is totally nuts.  I don’t really know what I was thinking and Saturday comes and goes so quickly that here I am at 6:00 pm writing because I just do not feel like cooking (I am a caterer and cook every day, almost) and my boys have both abandoned me (to be sure, at 17 and 16, they’ve much more interesting things to do than hang around with Mumzy on a Saturday night) and the house is quiet.  Sounds like an opportune time.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you how your week has been and what are your plans for the week-end.  Will you be relaxing by a fire (though we’ve unseasonably warm weather) and reading a book, glass of wine in hand or would you be doing all that end-of-season gardening stuff that should have been done weeks ago?  No, no, I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about YOU!  I read recently that they say we should NOT rake our leaves.  Who am I to argue with “they”?

I would say, that after making one of the meals for my clients (pardon my crappy picture, didn’t look that awful on my phone!), I did empty the pool of the extra six inches as I was counselled to do, had my eldest remove the extra leaves in said pool (my shoulder is out from doing it last week) and then called my lovely neighbour, Robert, who came and helped me close the bloody thing.  I am still in awe, pretty much every day, of all the things Mick took care of.  Sigh.  Would that I had been a better wife and helped him more when he was around.  I’d be feeling a lot less guilty and a lot less ignorant of all that needs to be done.

2015-11-07 13.06.45

If we were having coffee, I would mention that last Saturday (when I wanted to post), I was blessed many times over.  Mick’s buddy, Armen, came all the way from Laval, crossing two bridges, to come and help my boys put up the Tempo (sorry, this is an eponym for a structure that protects automobiles from the elements.  It’s not the most attractive thing that exists, but once you’ve had one, you so appreciate not having to scrape ice or brush snow off your car before leaving the homestead!


I would also mention that I had three couples over for dinner : friends of Mick’s who have become mine as well – after almost 20 years, one would hope!  We reminisced and laughed about Mick and his shenanigans.  It was warm, fuzzy and special.  I never once felt it was an obligation on their part to be nice to “the widow”.  Sounds silly, I know, but when the main link is gone, one does not assume things will keep going along in the same fashion.  That said, Iain, my eldest, came home from work early and had to torment the guests with his hot peppers, sauces, powder.  He managed to get André and Bill to each try a little piece.  Bill’s reaction was worth it.  One must understand, Iain is a huge fan of all peppers with deadly names (à la Scorpion, Reaper, and the like) and, if he likes you, will cajole you into tasting one.  André was lucky, he accidently swallowed his whole so would only feel the effects the next day! 😉  Bill, on the other hand, did what he was supposed to and chewed it before swallowing.  I cannot help but show his reaction!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my (almost) daily walks with Zeke keep me sane in times of chaos.  I allow my mind to wander at will, many times seemingly totally blank, though I know I’m actually seeing how the foliage changes over the course of weeks, seasons; I notice the little things that normally I would probably step on callously, I smell the scents around me and hear the various birds.  It is amazing how calming it can be to just put one foot in front of the other, walking for kilometres, taking photos, throwing sticks for Zeke and on occasion, running into friendly folk who are willing to stop and chat.

Sometimes, I’ll just stop in my tracks because a colour combo grabs my attention


Or, as in this case, the stark, leafless tree perfectly placed before another in full foliage, giving the former an almost creepy look.


Often on my walks, I use both camera and phone so I can Instagram images along the way – I’ve a friend in South Africa who has asked me to keep taking her along on my walks, as she misses her hometown.  For you, Linsey!  This particular image was taken by phone and by camera but for some strange reason, the phone one came out soft and fuzzy, giving it a dreamlike quality.  I much preferred that look!

2015-11-02 09.58.13

I don’t know how I ended up arriving at Parc des Coutances by the other side but it gave me a new perspective!  Funny how I can cross that little bridge going in the opposite direction but never think of turning around just to take a picture.  Things that make you go hmmm.


On my way back towards home, a squirrel was kind enough to give me the time to change lens and come a little bit closer – I kept Zeke in check, lest he scare him away before I got a good shot in.  So kind of him (her?) to turn towards me for his (her?) closeup!


Later on this week, I decided to go out during the “Golden Hour” hoping to catch the good light but by the time I reached the destination, I almost missed it!  Let’s just say that, next time, I shall choose a different one with more opportunities.  This is walking along the Industrial area, towards the highway.  Who would think this was right next to noise and traffic?


And, of course, I cannot very well keep talking about walking with Zeke without included at least one image of him! He is, after all, the reason I get up and take these wonderful walks!


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that sitting in a quiet house, on a Saturday night, writing my Weekend Coffee Share is almost, but never as good, as having you right beside me on my couch, exchanging your stories of your week.  And then I would tell you that I truly have to get my butt into gear as I am a couple thousand words short on my NaNoWriMo so I must leave you now and get to it!

I wish for you a week filled with exactly the types of moments you wish to have!


I am such a doorknob!  In my excitement of doing my first ever coffee share, I totally forgot to mention that the weekend coffee share is hosted by Part Time Monster

And that if you want to check out other participants’ stories, just click right here!



Gratitude Sunday – April 19, 2015

(Oh. Em. Gee. This explains everything… nothing but crickets on this post because…I pressed “Save Draft” instead of “Publish”!)

Another lovely week has come and gone and, once again, much to be most thankful/grateful for.  If it weren’t for family and friends, I think I’d maybe go a tad nuts! No worries there, however as I am, as ever, well surrounded!

I was going to get my tires changed (here in Quebec, we must use winter tires from December 15 to April 15), then realised that there are no tires at the house!  They are at the shop so…. another time then!

Gratitude List

  1. Had a birthday and was spoiled with a lovely lunch with my friend, Daniel.

  2. Had dinner with Dominique and Susan, two girlfriends from high school that I hadn’t seen since our 25th reunion! We laughed and reminisced and just enjoyed ourselves.

  3. My lilacs are budding!  Woot, there will be flowers!

  4. My hero of the week is my brother-in-law, Sébastien, who came to my rescue twice this week!  First, to help me put my oven door back on.  I don’t know how I managed to remove it in the first place!  These gas ovens don’t work the same way good ole electric ones do!  Merci Sébas!

  5. Today, Sébastien came with reinforcements, in the name of Aldo, his neighbour and friend, to help Iain and me take down the Tempo.  (Aidan was working so he was excused.)  It definitely is a four-man job.  You maybe could get away with three, but who would want to?  That thing is huge and cumbersome!  The deadline to take it down was April 15… so happy to see I was not the only last-minute one.  Down the street, they were doing the same.  Merci, infiniment à Sébastien et Aldo.  Without you, it would have been quasi-impossible! XOXOXO

Sunday Gratitude – April 12, 2015

All kinds of emotions were going this week.  Highs and lows and in-betweens.  I guess, we could call it a normal week!

I’m getting more into the whole Mary Kay thing, which deep-down I didn’t think I’d do, to tell the truth.  I was afraid it would be a little too rah-rah-rah for me but turns out it’s just enough!  Still haven’t had my official launch but I’m OK with that.  I’m still in the reading/learning stage.  Every event I attend, everything I read brings me closer to feeling ready to go out there and do my thing.

The weather is finally being nice to us in this neck of the woods!  The snow is mostly gone ~ all that’s left are the shady areas that the sun just can’t reach.  Still, the warmth will take care of those “problem areas” this week that’s for sure.  It puts a smile on faces everywhere which is definitely far from a bad thing!



Gratitude List

  1. Super happy to have gotten my new wheels on Tuesday.  Woot!
  2. At fairly regular intervals I’ve been lunching or supping with friends/clients of Mick’s.  Wednesday was a truly lovely time with Pierre V., who misses his buddy big time but was finally able to see me.  He reminded me of Mick’s shake of the head while quasi-growling “Non” when he knew he was right about something and others tried to convince him he wasn’t.  The rest of the evening we would alternate between “non”.  The good memories keep piling up.
  3. It’s funny, I had a hard time coming up with a story to go with this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt.  I felt it was just OK and the response was so positive.  Go figure!
  4. Saturday’s Mary Kay Coast-to-Coast meeting at Place Bonaventure was quite the initiation to the “Family”.  I never saw so many pink cars in a parking lot in my life!  Quite inspiring to listen to some of these women’s stories and how they built their businesses, many times overcoming some truly difficult times.
  5. I am beyond grateful to Julie and Gabrielle (lovely neighbours) who insisted I get off my arse and go dancing at La Tulipe with them and some of their friends.  Despite having to pop a couple of Advils to ease my throbbing feet, I had a most fun time and danced for four hours straight!  (And, bonus ~ got hit on by a very handsome younger man!  Talk about an ego boost….)
  6. Today was so gorgeous out, I was able to bring a chair outside and read a page or two in the sun…

Sunday Gratitude – On a Monday – April 6, 2015

Well, I couldn’t exactly kick my mom and step-dad out of my guest room (where my computer is), so I’m a tad late on my Sunday Gratitude!  It was for a good cause and it was Easter Week-end, so I’ve a good excuse, no?

It felt like a busy/weird week, all in all!  I went to my first “real” Mary Kay meeting.  Oh. My. Lord.  I thought I had entered a real hen-house before the meeting started!  I thought to myself “What the hell am I doing here?”  There was a physical buzz in the room!  Walking up the street to the meeting, however, I was duly impressed by the pink Cadillacs, Ford Edges and others.  There were quite a few… must be quite the productive group.  So I decided to wait patiently until all started to see what this was all about.   It was quite interesting and very positive.  I will definitely be giving it a try.  What have I got to lose?  It’ll get me out of the house and meeting people and if I can make a few bucks, well, all the better!

Easter 2015

Gratitude List

  1. Re-connecting, in person, with a most special friend. No words.  Read about it here.

  2. Made it to the gym not once, but twice!  Woot… gonna beat that this week… 😉

  3. Attending my first official Mary Kay  Training and being welcomed into the group.

  4. Having lunch with old friends.  I’ve been on a mission to connect in person and so far, have been quite successful!

  5. Easter!  That means all the family getting together.  Nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by family (especially when accompanied by food and wine!

  6. Merci Yvon et Sébastien!  I now have a handle on the main-floor bathroom!

Gratitude Sunday – February 15, 2015

It was a week of ups and downs ~ but mostly of ups!  I had fun participating in A Frank Angle’s Life: The Musical.  You see, I only started following him recently so I didn’t know about this lovely project (the second one of its type) where his readers are asked to participate in the acts making up the musical.  I arrived at the Epilogue and submitted my song without completely understanding what this was all about.  Well, I had me a whole lotta fun (and gave him a run for his money) by going back and participating in each act.  Fun stuff and one that really made me think of what to share to represent me in each act.  Frank was most kind and gracious by catering to my whims and taking the time to comment my choices.

Gratitude List

  1. Not only did Patti give me chocolates when we saw each other on Wednesday; Fhameeda (my neighbour, five house down) did too!

  2. We had our annual birthday celebration for Andre and I paced myself so that I could last (read out-last) the evening.  Kept up with the boys!

  3. Received the beautiful bouquet above – definitely was spoiled this year!

  4. Ever so lucky that my paediatrician has emergency clinic every morning from 8:30-9:30 – no appointment necessary.  All is good with the boy.

  5. It was a week of seeing old friends and new friends; catching up on each others’ lives – some taking three hours to try and cram in 18 years!  Will definitely have to re-do that one!

One Day

It’s not that we always went out of our way for Valentine’s Day.  Some years yes, some, not so much.  Last year just happened to be really special ~ the irony of life, I guess.  Who knew it was our last one?  At the time, Mick did not want me to post pictures or blog of what he had created for me as he wanted to keep it just between us.  I did share this post at the time, and not to disrespect his wishes, but needing to show what a wonderful year we had had, I did give more details.

Yesterday I was feeling a little melancholy.  I don’t think I was thinking of what today is per se but I was just missing him.  The house was empty as the boys were off doing their thing – which is a good thing! I had oodles of things to do but no energy to do them so I used the “I’m allowed” card.

Then Paolo Nutini song “One Day” came on the radio (love that scratchy voice of his) and it felt bittersweet.  Like the song.  It fit my mood.  I love this song.

So today is a day for love of all types (kinda what I said last year, eh?) so I am wishing you all a most wonderful day full of the kind of love you need/have/desire!  Whether it be self-love or amourous-love or friend-love.  Go out there and find it!  (Or stay in and enjoy it!)

Patti, my sweetheart of a friend, (don’t tell her I called her that!) wanted to ensure I did not find myself empty-handed on this day so she gave me this!


Tonight is our annual “Celebrate-Andre’s-Birthday-With-Shooters-Night” where I play with the boys and try to keep up (which I am pretty good at, if I say so myself!)  Mick was not the shooter-guy type, so the responsibility fell to me…  This was also the one time in the year where Mick was MY designated driver so, no worries folks, I’m also bringing my PJs and a toothbrush so that I don’t drive home!


Gratitude Sunday – January 25, 2015

I somehow missed doing a Gratitude post last week… must be because I had to go up north to another funeral for another too-young man, father of two, ex-husband to my cousin (would have been weird us both being widows at the same time…) and got home on Sunday and had stuff to do.  Or maybe I just wasn’t in the mood.  Neither here nor there, I’m here now!


It was a good week for the most part.  There were people to feed, others to bring up to speed, walks to take and generally things to do!

Gratitude List

  1. My sister, Lisa, gave me the necklace pictured above with Mick’s and Austin’s birth moons.  Just so happens both Mick and I were born on Blue Moons (and they say they are rare… pffft!)

  2. I had my first dinner party on Saturday with on of Mick’s dearest friends and his wife and I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all (which I feared I would).

  3. I had lunch with an old friend (and ex-boss) and, during our extended lunch, he got a call and, can you imagine?  He needed a lunch for 5 for the next day.  Who better than moi to help out a friend in need on such short notice?  Plus he decided to order family meals like I already do for two families…

  4. My cousin Marc came four times this week to finish up the drywall work Mick didn’t have a chance to finish.  So nice to have family members who just so happen to work in construction, eh?  I told him there was absolutely no rush but once started, he wanted it done.  xoxo to you, Marc!

  5. I took a couple of two-hour walks with Zeke and hooked up with “The Ladies” and their pooches.  I hadn’t been yet in the new year and it was nice to reconnect.  And we went to “my” river for a romp too.