#WeekendCoffeeShare – Get-Togethers and Food

Hello, my friends!  Here we are, Sunday night and just in time for the WeekendCoffeeShare.  Heaven forbid I manage to do this early in the morning…

Thanks again to Diana from Part-Time Monster for hosting this.  Please click on the image below to get to her sight and find the links to other shares or, go ahead, you know you want to share…


If we were having coffee and as it is now past 7:00 pm, I would ask if you would you prefer a beer, glass of wine or tea?  I do have all available?  Have you eaten your supper?  We sometimes (mostly) eat rather late so, you are more than welcome to join us.  I always have some type of left-over!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my son’s thumb, though not pretty should heal fairly well.  He is convinced he will lose the tip and he is impatient for the stitches to melt so he can move on.  I think he more than takes after his father…

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I have the best customers in the world as they were more than understanding that after spending the night at the hospital, I was not in the best shape to make them their meals and they most graciously accepted to have their meals ready for Monday.

I made them an authentic Julia Child Boeuf Bourguignon, Spaghetti Squash Chicken Parm (that I received as a mega hint from Sophie…), a stuffed pork loin with Pommes Anna (a less fat version of scalloped potatoes and a Bowtie pasta with chicken and cream sauce, using evaporated milk instead of a bechamel.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that Zeke and I were lucky enough to get out on our good walks on both Tuesday and Wednesday!  Tuesday was not quite as long… the sun was shining, I got my camera, dressed warmly and stepped out.  To a grey, yucky day!  As a result, the walk was a shorter one to the Industrial part.


On Wednesday we got the gorgeous day we wanted.  This time we made our way to “my” river.  It is such a beautiful area that I am drawn to it over and over again.  However, with each walk for any length of time, I find myself with boots getting steadily heavier, knowing that if I don’t time my return correctly, my feet will get wet.  Problem is, I remember I need new boots only when this occurs!   Oh well!

Also on Wednesday, I started making meals for a new customer!  So very happy to be able help Anouk and her family with her meals.  Will be providing three meals weekly so that is great.

Thursday I worked at Pier 1 and have decided that I will keep two shifts per week just to get out and socialise.  Yeah, like I need to get out, right?  Miss Social Butterfly, Mick called me.  Well I sure felt like one starting Thursday evening!  Tina texted saying we were overdue for a get-together and I agreed.  Told her I just happened to have made Boeuf Bourguignon for myself and was she interested?  Conversation, wine and food.  What’s not to like?

Andrea and I decided that our coffee get-togethers were fine and dandy but next time we were going for martinis!  Friday came along and we took a nice walk to Barbù to sit at the bar and do just that!  Well, I’m not a fan of martinis so I had a nice Hendricks gin and soda/tonic.  Andrea was curious about this and decided to try it herself.  I told her Hendricks is truly a different flavour.  She just may have adopted it as well!  Was great to hang out for a couple of hours and on top of that, an old high school buddy, Jean, was sitting there.  I told him about our recent get-togethers and after pouting at not being invited, I have added him to the list for the future GTs!

If we were still having coffee, or if I have driven you to drink, I would tell you that Saturday, I had four lovely ladies over for brunch.  These same ladies are the ones with whom I rented a chalet for a week-end a few years ago.  We try to get-together a few times per year to brunch and decided this time it would be nice to do it at one of our homes.  I offered mine.  It was especially important for me to offer this as we had booked the same chalet for December 2014.  We were booked the very week-end Mick had his heart attack.  They had graciously refused to accept my attempts at paying for my portion, even though I could no longer attend.   Needless to say, there was no way hell they were pitching in on the cost of eggs and bacon!   They arrived between 10 and 10:30 and left at 3:30!  Mimosas, frittata, bacon, sausage, hash browns, chocolate-banana waffles, coffee.  It’s amazing just how long one can spend chatting and having brunch!

They even cleaned up my kitchen after!


I had an hour to get changed and cleaned up (I knew I’d work up a sweat creating the brunch!) before I made my way to Michèle and Michel’s (yes, they are a couple with the same name!) for dinner.  It was great to finally meet Michèle’s husband and their daughter, Dominique and grandson, Sebastian.  We had a great time and laughed a lot.  I just love meeting new people!  I ended up staying until 1:00 am!

And now, here I am, Sunday night, after having made four meals for Sophie:  Jamie Oliver’s Spaghetti and sausage meatballs, Chicken-bean-veg soup, pork tenderloin with apples, sweet potato purée and sugar snap peas and chicken souvlaki with Greek roasted potatoes.  It has taken me four hours to write this post because I ended up chatting with my cousin in Calgary, then a friend who is a long-haul driver (kept him awake!), nuking myself some leftover boeuf Bourguignon, cleaning up my disaster of a kitchen (in two shots!) and well, now I’m pooped!

I’m aiming for a quieter week.  I don’t think it will happen.   Will keep you posted.

And here I was thinking I was going to sit down with my book and a cup of tea and read… ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


Sunday Gratitude – July 5, 2015

Another fabulous week has come and gone.  Canada celebrated it’s 148th birthday, the United States celebrated their 239th anniversary of independence, my boys passed their school year, enjoyed more music and friends and so much more!

Gratitude List

  1. Beyond happy both boys passed their school year and quite respectably, too!

  2. Thanks to Eric for grilling my veg, to Anouk for putting together the canapés, playing waitress at the party and then coming back to help and to Emma for coming as soon as I cried “help”! Without the three of you, I would not have made it.  The guests enjoyed the food (hope the customer did, too!)  Gilles? 🙂

  3. If Leonard hadn’t told me Adam Cohen was playing one of the free shows at the Jazz Festival I would have totally missed it!  So glad I decided to hightail it to Montreal and that Leonard was able to squeeze me in (so I could hang out with him and Steve)

  4. Really glad I stayed for Cohen’s second show as I got to hear the few songs I missed!  Woot!  And he played my favourite.  Can you guess which one it is? 😀

  5. Two weeks in a row and two totally different groups from high school.  How cool that so many people, on such a spur of the moment, made time to get together for a meal and many, MANY laughs?  One even driving for 9.5 hours to do so… Of course, I did offer him a guest room for the fee of grilling veg…


Sunday Gratitude – February 8, 2014

Now that I can breathe again (bloody cold knocked me out for a couple of days!) I worked my tail off cooking all day.  Had to wait patiently for my son to come home from work so we could watch the much anticipated 2nd half season premiere (Really?  Must we have two season premieres per year?  It’s like taking the last book of a series and making two movies out of it!  Or taking one less-than-four-hundred-page book and making THREE movies out of it!)  Sorry, I digress.  Must be feeling better than I thought!


Had trouble deciding on which picture to take for this post and found this one that I had not shared anywhere.  I love how there is a rainbow around the sun…

Gratitude List

  1. Neighbours are great when you are feeling like crap.  They go to the store for you and pick up meds so you can sleep at night.  Thank you Julie & Robert!
  2. Thankfully I don’t have an official job to go to so I was able to rest and rest and rest to get better that much faster.
  3. Got another order for a catering job for Tuesday.  Woot!
  4. Though I had been dreading it, I finally started the official Estate paperwork with the bank.
  5. Had dinner with an old friend from way back and set up a get-together with another friend for this coming week.  Some of us have decided to try and connect on a face-to-face basis rather than just through Facebook or blogging.  It will be a most enriching experience methinks!

Sunday Gratitude – August 24, 2014

Ohh la la!  It’s past 9:00 p.m. and I still haven’t written my Sunday post!  Why?  Because it’s been such a fabulously full week-end and I’ve only just sat down!

Each of my sisters had us over for dinner on Friday and Saturday and today we went to pick the first Paula Red apples from our friend’s orchard.

Not only THAT, We also participated (well a gang of us, anyway) in the ALS ice bucket challenge as, in my sisters’ and my case, our neighbour died from the disease and also, my hubby’s mentor just passed away less than a year ago from the same disease.  I wanted to insert our video but unfortunately, it did not turn out so well!  So instead, here’s the video on how it all started…

I’ll take a moment to mention this ice bucket challenge as so many people are fed up of hearing about it.  I say, keep it going!  This is one of those rare diseases that has never before received such attention.  The more attention it gets, the more research can go into finding a cure.  So please, donate and/or do the challenge to bring more attention to it!


Happy 22nd birthday, Jennifer!

Happy 22nd birthday, Jennifer!

Gratitude List

  1. How wonderful to spend an evening at my sister Tracy’s with her family and fun neighbours, who just happen to crash…

  2. Every year I so look forward to going to my sister Lisa’s for her annual BBQ – that just so happens to fall on Jennifer’s birthday – and where all the extended family and cousins and friends all gather.

  3. How fun is it that in 22 years of celebrating Jennifer (Happy Birthday again, Niece!), the sun always shines… we may have gotten sprinkles once or twice only!

  4. Being able to pick apples at just the right time at a friend’s orchard (see you in 2 weeks, David, for the pears!) with which I will make jellies with and without hot peppers… yum!

  5. So happy to have been chosen to test four recipes (at least) for an upcoming cookbook – putting my skills to the test!


Gratitude Sunday – June 8, 2014

Another great week has come and gone!  The weather has been pretty darn good and you can smell the end of the school year.  Two more “weeks” of exams for the boys are all that are left.  This in reality means there are only three or so half-days of exams!  This silly school has added tutorials after some exams!  Seriously, how many kids are going to attend these?

Zeke and I had quite a few nice walks, meeting new friends like Pouf, Lily, Tom (cute names…) and yesterday got to hang out with the neighbour Nyala as she was going to be left alone all day.  Couldn’t let that happen!

Thursday brought another lovely day and an even lovelier lunch with my good friend Karen.  How funny is it that we went to elementary school together, lost touch after she moved away after fourth grade, only to re-find each other on Facebook!  For all of you Facebook haters, this is the main reason I am on it…. I have reconnected with so many people I had “lost” over the years.  And, though it starts on line, many of them have moved up to the face-to-face type get-togethers.  So no, it is not impersonal 😉  I have hopes that some of my “Internet Friends” (whether through Facebook or the Blogosphere) will one day be met in person.  This will “sadly” mean I’ll have to hop a plane to Portland, Oregon; County Waterford and County Cork, Ireland or Crawfordville, Florida; to name but a few!

On Friday the day looked quite “iffy” and I kept hesitating on when to go out and of course chose the wrong time!  Zeke and I got caught in a lovely summer downpour!  I was on my way back home, having chosen a short one because of the clouds and we should have just continued on as it stopped not long after.  Just the smell of wet dog is so unappealing…. However, just as the rain started, I spotted this little fellow!  He was kind enough to pose for me before hopping off!



Gratitude List

  1. Being able to have lunch with a friend so we can just catch up on each other’s lives.

  2. Cooking up a storm to entertain friends on a Saturday Night.

  3. Walking in the summer rain after a hot day where the pavement has that fabulous smell known as petrichor (such a weird name for a fabulous scent).

  4. Capturing wildlife with my camera on my walks.

  5. This one item is difficult for me to explain or write.  For the past week, I’ve been absorbing all the Maya Angelou “things” I can get my hands on.  The Master Class episode, the two Super Soul Sunday episodes, the quotes being recited pretty much everywhere, parts of her memorial service (will watch it all later)…  I was so inspired by her (as were millions!) and am so grateful I was lucky enough to have read a couple of her books (and now want to read everything she has ever written!) and well, I just want to be better.

Isn’t if funny how we can be so deeply affected by certain events in our lives?