Sunday Gratitude – August 10, 2014

What a fantastic week-end!  The week was fine too, but as of Friday… the best!  Any time I am surrounded by friends and family, I am at my most happiest-est! Laughter, good food, good wine, great weather, what more does one need?  OK… I would like the Clean-Up Fairy to once, just once, show up before I wake up…. She has yet to make an appearance.  Not that it happens that often, but sometimes the evening ends really late and the dishwasher is at hard work and there would be more dishes to wash and more to clean up but all you want to do is weave your way to your bed… just sayin’ it would be nice if on those occasions, she came by and took care of the rest…

This morning on Facebook, I saw this and it resonated with me.  I would add to it, the friends I’ve made in the Blogosphere as well!


Gratitude List

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  1.  Connecting (or re-connecting) with long-lost friends, introducing our families to each other and all, not only get along, but have a fabulous time!

  2. Teaching our children to break the law… um… by joining them in jumping off a bridge into the river!

  3. Getting the whole family (almost) – aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives – together for a summer BBQ and the weather is fantastic.

  4. Hugs and kisses from those we only see once per year or less; knowing the feeling is mutual in missing each other.

  5. Driving home after midnight, with nary another driver in sight, listening to good tunes and knowing your passengers feel safe in your hands.