Sunday Gratitude – May 3, 2015

What an absolutely glorious week-end!  So beautiful I cannot even remember if the beginning of the week was nice or not!

It was a fairly busy week with lots of fun activities but also moments of just sitting with a book (one must sometimes force one’s self to do that, ya know!)  Played with cupcakes and icing, played with make-up and played in the dirt.

Gratitude List

  1. So thankful Mick was such an organized guy.  “His” shed was a jigsaw puzzle with all the pertinent pieces placed “just so”.  I was able to take out the BBQ, table, chairs, etc. all by myself and place them in their appropriate places.  Am now able to have an outdoor dinner party!

  2. As mentioned earlier this week, it was my Mary Kay launch, which went well; and, our little team got together so we can better prepare our .  Feeling like it won’t be such a hurdle.

  3. Made cupcakes for Cathy (36!) which were well-received.  She took the time to send me a note to let me know that she wished I could hear the compliments.  Well, that is all I needed! xo

  4. I worked in the gardens all week-end.  Well, not ALL week-end but a good portion of it and most of the left-over leaves and such have been cleared away.  Starting to look nice and tidy!  Iain helped out in the veggie garden, working hard to remove the remaining wild grasses ~ those suckers go deep and tangle together and do not want to let go.  (Ugh.  I hated those!  Sorry Mick…)

  5. I have made a few friends through the blogosphere.  I never expected this to happen.  I was just putting my stuff out there to see if what I had to say would resonate with anyone out there.  Well, somehow, I got more than that.  Real friendships have emerged through all the bantering and discussions and laughs.  I am truly blessed! xoxo to you all!


Sunday Gratitude – October 26, 2014

Wow… my “baby” is 15 today.  That whole “time flying thing” is getting more and more out of hand!  He just wanted a few friends over to eat his favourite meal (chicken parmigiana) and have a cake shaped like a Game Boy.  Well… he must comply!  He truly was not too demanding!

It has been a week of meeting up with friends from waaaaay back, volunteering at school, running around and hanging around!  The pictures taken outside after midnight, under a heat lamp are total rubbish but I care not.. they show we were having fun with our selfies!

Gratitude List

  1. It is so wonderful to get together with old friends from elementary (!) school and walking downtown Montreal after midnight on a Friday night.

  2. Being able to sit on a terrasse on October 24th without a coat on (yes, yes, there were heat lamps, but still…

  3. Helping out at the school, getting to know the students and staff, feeling useful.

  4. Having a friend (yes, Patti, I am mentioning our get-together) inspire and encourage you and let you know she believes in you is so heart-warming.

  5. Watching hubby and son working together instead of arguing is beyond the best!

Gratitude Sunday – May 18, 2014

Apologies for my tardiness!  I went camping this week-end and thought I could write to my heart’s content and post at will.  Not.  The WiFi was next to nil so …

…So, being a holiday Monday, let’s just pretend it’s Sunday, okay?  😀

It’s been quite a week, I tell you.  It started off with a most difficult bang:  finding out a fellow karateka we truly enjoyed chose to end his life.  He was a mere 40 years old.  I was in a tailspin all day Monday and just couldn’t wrap my head around it.  Unfortunately hubby and I could not attend the funeral but our hearts were there, that’s for sure.

 Gratitude List

  1. I was able to take a picture of a woodpecker, who just continued with his business while I clicked away!  (Unfortunately, the time it took me to go back and get my zoom lens, he was gone; but still!)

  2. I feel I am well surrounded by family and friends who would be there in my time of need.  That I would not find myself in a desperate state.

  3. We now have a trailer instead of a tent because when the rain came down on Friday, we remained dry!

  4. I have so many parks and pathways and roads to take on my walks with Zeke – even if it does mean he ends up head-first in the river!

  5. My teenagers still enjoy spending time with us, camping, walking, talking.  I cherish each and every moment they give me.

  6. I was able to take the time to just read.  No other obligations or duties interfered all week-end!



Gratitude Sunday, May 4, 2014

I’ve decided to start a new series – not to be like everyone else, but to give myself the motivation to be a tad more, organised, committed (not the locked-up kind!)  I’ve been a bit irregular in posting and I want to give it a try to see if I will be motivated enough to keep it up!

This afternoon, as my poor hubby was ripping out the wall and carpet to determine just how bad the damage from the leaky pipe was, I was doing the dishes and watching the last half-hour of Oprah with Eckert Tolle, discussing chapter 7 of his book A New Earth and this programme was followed by Life Story Project (Damn!  Wish I’d thought of such a project!) – I only watched the first fifteen minutes or so but I was filled with warmth and emotion – yeah, I’m quite the mushy wuss at times!  It got me to thinking (yes, this could be dangerous!) and I suddenly felt the urge to start my own project of sorts.

I already write five things I’m grateful for every night before I go to bed.  Yes, there are nights where I’m just grateful that I remembered to set the coffee machine to start just before I wake up!  There are others where I’m grateful for bigger things such as being able to call up my sisters or mother to just say “hello” and knowing that if I need them – for anything – they will be there as soon as they can.

I have chosen Sunday for this project because it is the start of a new week whilst being the ending of another.  A bridge of sorts filled with nothing but positive.  Win-Win!  There will be no set number of things and I’m sure the list will be longer on some and shorter on others.  The important thing is, to take the time to truly appreciate what I have.


Today’s list is, in absolutely no order of importance, the following:

  1. Having a handyman for a husband who can fix leaks and breaks and whatever else needs fixing in this house, saving us the cost of hiring a professional.

  2. Being able to walk my dog every day, camera in hand, which opens my eyes to my surroundings and helps me discover my hometown.

  3. Being able to go out with friends by myself, knowing there is trust and no jealousy awaiting me when I return.

  4. Having a good set of friends that we meet with regularly and truly enjoy.

  5. The friendships that have been formed in this world of blogging.