Signs, Schmigns – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morning, my Readers.  Hope you are enjoying sunshine in your necks of the woods.  It is shining here but has not understood the principle of generating heat.  Flipping cold, is what it is!  Oh well, as long as we have our little group here to warm us up with stories of frights, sights and heights, we’re good!

Come join in on the fun!  Write a story of 100-words or less, never more, (but not including the title, because we’re not that mean…) inspired by Bjorn Rudberg‘s fabulous photo below.  Rochelle, our dear hostess, welcomes everyone who plays nice!  All you have to do is click on the blue frog and add your link.  Easy-peasy!

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Signs, Schmigns

Jack and Jill continued to climb the mountain, following the extremely primitive road.

“Bummer.  Looks like we have to stop here.”


“Really, Jack?  Do you not see the sign?”

“Signs Schmigns.  Signs, like rules, are meant to be challenged.  I say we keep going.  Besides, look.  The road appears to still be in use.  Let’s use it!”

Jill reluctantly agreed and off they went, not knowing what was waiting for them around the bend.

Four men holding machine guns pointed at their chests.  That’s what was waiting for them around the bend.

“Stop!  Did you not see the sign?”