Rules – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #45

Another Thursday, another CCC prompt!

I admit to being a very bad employee. This is the third day in a row that I find myself writing a post on none other than my phone!

I have set up my bar, I have polished every surface as well as my glasses; I have even polished cutlery to busy myself. I have chatted with a member who sat at my bar to eat his lunch.

So, now, bored to tears, I found myself looking at Crispina’s lovely photo and suddenly hearing my father’s voice saying “Red right returning” and a haiku was born. So NOT the way I was gonna go but hey…why not?


Red right returning

When coming in from the sea

Must be respected


We had a break in the clouds this afternoon so I got off my duff and went for a walk to the park (note to self, after this much rain, wear waterproof shoes)

Along the way I took a picture here and there and just around the corner from home, took this one which inspired a little Haiku!



A Haiku For Monday

Cold weather and cooking jobs have kept me from my usual walks about my town.  This morning I decided it was necessary and would probably help me be more productive in the end!

Decided to have fun with it!