Weekend Share – January 28, 2018

“Gratitude is the ability to experience life as a gift. It liberates us from the prison of self-preoccupation.”
John Ortberg, When the Game Is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box

Good Sunday afternoon, my Readers!  Didn’t write one last week because frankly, I had had a rather non-happening kinda week!  Didn’t want to bore you to tears with a whole lotta nuthin’ 😉

Only thing of note that did occur the previous week is that François, my ever-handy man, removed the last of the carpet and the !&*?! glue.  He finally gave up using an ice-breaker and scraper and went to rent a machine.

Oh!  Silly me!  How could I forget mentioning being invited for supper at our former boss’ house last Thursday. D’oh!  Was nice to get together a few of us from the restaurant of the golf club plus François (we allowed him to come even though he works the driving range 😉 )

Me, François M., Thérèse, Jimmy and François L. (host)


Before I get started on my past week, I want to share an upcoming writing challenge a fabulous blogger, Frank, from a Frank Angle, will be initiating at the beginning of February.  He is calling it the “If” challenge.  The goal is to write a post based on the word “If”.  Never mind my telling the whats and whatnots, just click here for the deets!  When the official date has been chosen, I shall be sure to mention it.  One thing is for certain, Frank sure knows how to get his readers involved.  He’s had wonderful challenges in the past and I’ve participated in quite a few, even wore the honorary title of Maître D.  Just sayin’ 😀


We had horrible feelings of déjà vu of 1998’s famous Ice Storm.  20 years ago this last 4th of January.  I was 8 months pregnant and will never forget that crazy time.  Actually, we made the best of it and hung out with my sister Tracy (also pregnant) and her husband Sébastien.  We had a great two weeks together!

This time, first came the snow, then the freezing rain, then with more rain on top.  Many people had to do without electricity for hours on end.  We were very lucky in my ‘hood.  Not even a flicker. Still.  As it did NOT turn into the storm of the century, we could just enjoy the prettiness of it all.  I just wish that on the days I went out with my camera the sun was shining.  When it did, I didn’t go out.  Ah well…

On Tuesday, François took me to the Canadiens vs Avalanche hockey game.  Let’s just say the Canadiens have not been on a wonderfully positive streak lately.  That said, I declared they would win.  And they did!  4-2 (which really should have been 4-1 but they got a tad cocky).  Before that, I brought François to Ye Olde Olchard Pub on Mountain Street.  He’d never been and enjoyed it quite a bit.  It’s a go-to place before sporting events so we made sure to be there at what my sister called Early-bird Hour to ensure we had a good place to sit.  And frankly, there are worse things to do than sit in a wonderful pub, where servers wear kilts, for 3 hours…  Then off for a walk down the street to the Bell Centre.


Took another walk with Zeke on a day that promised sun but did not deliver…


On my way back, I came across some rosehips and got inspired for a little Haiku.

And really loved the effects of the icicles on my neighbour’s house

Icicle Lace

Sat down on my front stoop and realised my Yew (thank you David, for telling me what my tree is!) was decorated for Christmas – just a tad late!

Ready for Christmas

One last icy image – that may just appear in a FF coming soon!

I haven’t posted a food pic for a while so… here’s my “Jamie Oliver’s Proper Chicken Caesar Salad” which went over quite well…

I made my pizza last night – with a mix of all my leftover flours (1/2 white, 1/2 whole wheat plus some semolina), expecting it to be a total flop but, not according to the men in my life!  I completely forgot to take a picture last night, so here is a quick shot of the leftovers… looks edible, even though I just took it out of the fridge, eh? 😉


Now, hopefully I have not put you to sleep.  I wish you all a most fabulous week filled with love and laughter!

A few of the 10,000 things that make me happy

  1. Ice storms – they may cause difficulties but they give great photo ops!
  2. My gas stove – allows me to make food for my guys
  3. My eyes – they permit me to see the world around me
  4. My legs – they get me from one place to another
  5. My camera – allows me to capture my world