If – A Frank Angle Challenge

Good evening, my Peeps!  It’s finally here.  Frank’s “If” challenge.   To remind you of the “how” it works, please click here.

Should you like to participate – and please do, please add your link to the comments in Frank’s If post here.



Before I start…

IF Frank at aFrankAngle had not issued this challenge, I would not have taken the time to reflect on the past 20-some-odd years!


If I hadn’t listened to my friend Kathy’s suggestion to try out “Telepersonals”, I’d never have met Mick.

If I had known how to count, I would not have become pregnant with Austin, our surprise Angel.

If Austin had not been born with a heart defect, I’d never have seen just how capable I am.

If Austin had not died, I would not have learned how much I can handle.

If Mick and I hadn’t realised that, despite all we had gone through in such a short time, we still wanted to create a family, I would not have Iain and Aidan.

If Mick had not had the courage to start his own business, we would not have bought this house.

If we didn’t believe it was important to enjoy life, we would not have travelled.

If Mick had not given up on finding a cause for his breathing problems, he might not have had a heart attack.

If Mick had not died, I wouldn’t have learned the term resilient.

If I had listened to all my fears, I would not have gone to Tuscany alone.

If I had not gone on all those stupid dating sites, I would not have met some really nice guys who’ve become friends.

If I had not kept good relations with past co-workers, I would not have been invited to work at the golf club.

If I had not worked at the golf club, I would not have met François.

I would like to end this “If List” with my mother’s favourite “If”:

If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle!

All jokes aside, we could convince ourselves that “IF” one something happens, another “IF” will be the result.  It’s all supposition, isn’t it?  Supposition sounds a bit like suppository and we know where that goes!!

I like to give “If” a smaller role in my life.  If I want something, I will set a goal. If I do the necessary work, If I accept the necessary help, If I don’t give up, If I believe in myself.  Then, I will achieve said goal.  Oh, what the hell, a little luck is allowed – If we believe in luck – though we also create that, don’t we?