The Rushmore Thing – A Surprise Result

When Marc and I talked about doing our Mount Rushmore of musicians, I had no idea what that would mean.  I thought, easy-peasy, choose four chicks and voilà.  Joni and Dolly were quickly selected.  But who would get the other two slots?  And so began my research because I realised that I had no friggen clue.  I also realised that most of my favourite singers are men.  Well hell.  I shoulda turned the tables on Marc and said you do women and I’ll do men! He he he… that sounds wrong but right, right?

Since I was not deadset on anyone, I had to do some serious research.  Limiting ourselves to those within the last fifty years helped some.  I Googled “Women songwriters of influence” or “Women singers who write their own songs”, etc.  I was rather pleased that my two original ladies made every list.  So did Carole King and Madonna and a few others.

Full disclosure:  Not a fan of Carole King!  Well no, that’s not the right thing to say.  Not anymore.  As I did my research, I came to realise just how much I already did know and enjoy her work and enjoy pretty much all her songs – the ones she sings or sung by others.

As for Madonna, I surprised myself by finally adding her.  Research again said I had to.  We know how much she has influenced the next generation of women singers. Her ability to entertain is without question.  She has been innovative and pushed the limits.  And I hadn’t realised that she had a part in the writing of most of her songs – no, she’s no Joni Mitchell or Carole King but I could not dismiss her.

There were wonderful side-effects to this project.  There were great discussions in the comment sections.  Since I share my posts on Facebook, more discussions took place there.  Some even got their own Rushmores going.  How cool is that?

A fellow blogger, Trent McDonald, from Trent’s World, decided to do his own Mount Rushmore of Female Musical Artists. And what an eclectic mix!  Do check it out here.

Marc was further inspired.  His posts on Freddie, Bowie and MJ were all fabulous.  But then he did a series of side posts, each one more wonderful than the next.  His What If? post looked at what could have happened if John Lennon had NOT been shot that fateful night.

Next, he was inspired to create a delicious sandwich and name it the Rushmore.  All I know is I want one!

Following his fabulous post on Prince, Marc wrote a fictional story Raspberry Beret – inspired by the song but giving us the woman’s side of the story.  Delicious.

I hope he gets further inspired… hint, hint, Marco!

I’m also thinking that I shall be further inspired in the near future …

Sunday Gratitude – October 5, 2014

Just hanging around

Weeelllll… today was supposed to be a pyjama day. Not gonna happen. It is too beautiful outside to justify staying indoors!  Bummer.  Then again, I believe pyjama days are even better when they are not planned.  So, Hubs is going to finish trimming the hedge (only one side left to do) and I will make another batch of jelly – or prepare the apples for it – then take the Zeke-meister out for a nice walk!

Gratitude List

  1. I’m glad the sun decided to pop out today despite the forecast – it gives us an extra day to enjoy outside!
  2. Mick built a fire in the dining room just so we could hang out – nice when it’s for “no official reason”!
  3. Discovering new blogs that inspire me.
  4. Finally putting order to the piles of books in my bedroom, office, spare room….
  5. Finding old pictures that I totally forgot about!

I’m Inspired

What inspires you? Art? Poetry? Literature? People? Music? Watching a swan swim, a bird fly?

Enthusiast of life

I love this quote. I am a Life Enthusiast. (Can I say that?) I do not have just one thing that I’m passionate about and that’s OK. Not everything has to become my life’s work.

I guess you could say I am a dabbler. I love to touch a little of anything. I get bored with the same-old, same-old, day in and day out (Why is it again that I am still at the same job for close to eight years now?)

Having a wide variety of interests makes for someone who can keep up with the conversation.

My love for dabbling is apparently not my fault! I did my Fascinator test, created by Sally Hogsmeade, and it turns out I’m in the 4% of those who’ve taken the test with an archetype of “Connoisseur” (Acute, Discriminating, In-the-know). My primary triggers are Prestige (Ambitions, Detail-oriented, Recognized, Uncompromising, Focused) and Passion (Expressive, Intuitive, Social, Impulsive, Enthusiastic). Hmmm… Interesting indeed…

I love taking these tests and have come to the conclusion that the reason I keep on taking them and reading blogs and joining FB groups and signing up for webinars and, whatever else I do is for two reasons. I am seeking confirmation that I am going in the right direction and also, to find my tribe. We all want to belong to some kind of group, no matter how small or large.

I’m inspired to keep on learning, keep moving forward and to live life to the fullest!

My motto has always been

live love laugh