Sunday Gratitude – November 23, 2014

Sheesh… only one more week left in November!  Between my wonderful photography class with Joy Sussman, my Italian wine class (boo hoo… last one is this coming Thursday), my couple of catering jobs… time just flew!  Thank goodness because it didn’t allow me to focus on any negatives for longer than necessary!  There are always bumps in the road but the goal here is to not focus on them… Acknowledge them, face them, do what needs to be done, learn from it and move on!

There are quite a few photos I took during my class that I’m proud of and it was pretty difficult to choose but one… so, what the heck, here are a few!

Gratitude List

  1. Got a chance to go see our Habs whup St.Louis’ butts at the Bell Centre and had great seats (that’s Hockey for those who don’t follow!)
  2. Had a bit of a disaster delivering to a first-time client downtown but was able to save the food!  Thanks for being so kind and understanding, Lucy!
  3. So grateful to my sister Tracy for having been available to help me with my delivery downtown.
  4. A second family just signed up for two Dalectables family-style meals per week.  Woot!  Baby steps moving forward but still moving forward.
  5. It’s so nice when the boys go to Mick’s shop to help out with production (yes, it is not for free, but still!)


Enjoying the Morning

I have quite the busy day today and I’m on a mission to get this body into better shape and fix this blasted shoulder and foot that have been causing me grief and keeping me away from the dojo.  There are only so many physiotherapist and chiropractor visits a person can take before realising nothing is really working.  So, I blew the dust off the old Wii and re-started the Yoga.  Laugh if you will, I care not!  It is a tool that is “forcing” me to slow down and take the time to stretch.  I can barely run in running shoes – barefoot, forget about it (this is why the dojo is being ignored by me!)  The shoulder pain is related to my fracture of over a year and a half ago!  Goes to show how one learns to deal with an injury thereby causing another.  Sigh… this getting older shit is really not fun!  Healing is much slower than it once was!

What I was trying to say above, before my case of verbal diarrhea, is that I had to get my walk with Zeke in early so I was out of the house by 7:45 this morning!  A vast improvement over the 9:00 it has been lately!  I was hoping I was still in the “Magical Hour” so beloved by photographers (I dare to actually put myself into that group, albeit of the amateur variety!) and was not disappointed.

Zeke, my faithful companion doesn’t really care what time we go out, as long as it is OUT!  Thought I’d share his most regal pose…

Just gonna stay here...

Just gonna stay here…

And off we went to the Industrial area – I know, again!

We had the usual stick throwing… Have I mentioned Zeke is NOT a retriever?  His fun is to chase after a stick, and make like a beaver, until I get close enough and then it’s grab and dash and catch me if you can!  Funny critter.

He is very patient with me as I practice what I learned in Joy  Sussman’s on-line  Photo Class – all the time!  Lines, perspectives, macros….  Really, you should check out her site but clicking the link.  She takes the most amazing photos!

Of course, I don’t spend ALL of my time with plants and things!  When I can, I get up close and personal with Zeke…

Another nice walk with my dog.  We should all be as exuberant as he!