Sunday Gratitude – July 26, 2015

I cannot believe my boys were both willing to go “up north” (really is north-west, if we wanna get technical) to my mother’s in Lac-des-Plages.  It is funny how life happens.  We (the sisters) used to go up north to our grand-mother and now our kids go up to visit theirs!  We never would have expected this to be the case but it is so, and I get a kick out of it.

Another wonderful week has come and gone in the blink of an eye!


Gratitude List

  1. So happy my boys agreed to go up to Mom’s for a few days (I remember when I was 15-17 and I didn’t feel like going up any more…)

  2. Was great to see my cousin Alyson, her husband, Eduardo, her brother Peter and my great-aunt (her mother) Gilberte, my aunt Nicole up at my mom’s as we rarely see them.

  3. Sooooo happy it is Quebec’s “Construction Holiday” as I didn’t get off where I should have and ended up crossing the city at rush hour – which was minimal as everyone’s on vacation!  Otherwise it could have taken me three instead of two hours to get home.

  4. Love that my cousin Marc ordered a “Brutus” cake for his buddy and it turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so meself!

  5. Julie came over to pay for her MK stuff and stayed ~ for a glass or more of wine ~ till her friend Kelly came to join us ~ till their husbands came to get them and then asked me to join them at their house for dinner.

  6. I totally lost control of my pool (green is such a nice colour, when it’s not the colour of your water!!!) and Robert kindly shocked it for me.

Gratitude Sunday… on a Holiday Monday! October 13, 2014

Here in Canada it is our Thanksgiving week-end. It always falls on the second Monday of the month of October. That means turkey time at Mom’s with the whole family (or most of it, anyway!) As a result, we got home very late last night and, well, The Walking Dead season premiere had played so there was no way we were going to wait until today to watch it!!  By the time we watched that and of course, Talking Dead well, it was past 1 a.m….

Now, I was going to put yet another fall foliage picture but really… don’t want to bore my readers!  Instead, I have a not-so-good-quality quickly-taken snapshot of mother and daughter love (hope they don’t mind my plastering their likeness on my page…)

Lisa, Jennifer & Kellie

So, without further ado, here is my list!

Gratitude List

  1. Walking Dead is back after seven – yes – SEVEN months!  So happy as this is weirdly family viewing time…

  2. Thanksgiving means going up north to my mother’s, spending time with her and my sisters and their families.

  3. The colours are still gorgeous despite it being mid-October already.  Usually by this time, they are more sparse.

  4. So grateful for the support from my Blogging Family – you are there just because and that is a wonderful thing.

  5. My camera has given me a huge appreciation for what is around me.  Ever since I got it, I have been clicking away noticing things right under my nose that I never (or not really) saw.

A Walk in the Outaouais

It was Spring Break for my boys last week.  Though hubby had lots of work, he managed to liberate himself so that we may go “Up North” to my Mother’s on Thursday. (You may recall in a past post that her house is more of a North-East direction….)

It doesn’t matter the season, it is always beautiful!  This year’s endless snow was also felt up there – more so, I should think. (Wonder how much they will get in today’s forecast?)

On Friday it was a gorgeously sunny day so Hubby and I decided to go for a morning walk with Zeke (the boys, being teenagers, were still abed by the time we left at 11:00 or so).  It’s a bummer, but in the small roads of this area, it is very dangerous.  The few cars that DO pass, do so at a reckless speed so we had to keep Zeke on leash (much to his chagrin) until we hit a more remote area.

Even so, he was, as usual, was quite patient, waiting for us…

Can we go now?

Can we go now?

I had not had occasion to use my new zoom lens (75-300mm) yet, so decided this would be an opportune moment.  You must understand, I choose ONE lens at a time before I leave on my walks as I do not want to have to carry a camera bag.  The decision must be made wisely… And boy oh boy!  Was I ever glad of my choice!

I got to see things I normally can’t, like this bird and… oh dear, what IS that?  Oh phew!  It’s just a dog and not some wild beastie which could come out and attack!

There were lovely sites along the way….

Even in their abandoned state, they had something to offer… here’s where I wish I didn’t have the zoom!  I couldn’t back up enough! (Learning experience…)



Mick and Zeke decided to follow the deer tracks, hoping to actually see some!

And we did!  NOW was I EVER happy to have my zoom lens… There ain’t no way I woulda been able to capture these with the regular lens.  No way, José!

To get as close as possible, I “crept” (can you creep in the snow?) slowly forward, up and onto a snow bank, which I promptly sunk into up to my waist!  No snow pants, of course… I couldn’t move so I stayed there and clicked away!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were beyond excited to see these beautiful deer, totally aware of us.  I tried to capture the whole gang (there were about a dozen) but here’s where my position and my lens did NOT come in handy!  I just couldn’t focus through the branches… sigh… To give you an inkling, I’ve included my lovely blurred image!

Joining the group

Joining the group

After so much excitement, we decided to head back.  Plus, we were getting ready for Yvon’s veggie soup!  We had been gone for a couple of hours!

On the road back, we noticed that a new Cabane à sucre (Sugar shack for you non Quebeckers!) was getting ready.  Their official opening date was the next day.  Darn!  Too bad we didn’t know about it; we would have reserved our lunch there!  Yum… we could smell the pea soup….  The owner’s son explained to me that the building used to be his car paint shop and that it had always been a dream of his father’s to open up a sugar shack so the timing was right and he packed up his stuff and they transformed the place.

Inside… plus I loved their little Bienvenue sign!

Now I’m hungry… for some baked beans, French pea soup, ham and omelette…..