Lost in the Box – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday and I woke up early. Rather than toss and turn to get sleep that surely wouldn’t come, what better than to write a Friday Fictioneers while having my first cuppa?  This was stream of consciousness all the way.  Now excuse me whilst I return to my memories… and while I do that, you g’head and click on the frog to add your own 100-word story or read others, if ya like, that is!

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Lost in the Box

Hey, Mom!  Hello?  Earth to Dale, you there?

Sorry!  I got lost in the box for a moment there.

What box?

Rochelle gave us this prompt this week.  A photo by Ted Strutz.

Lame.  Besides the cremated remains, that is. Ewww. Could you imagine receiving that in the mail?

Never mind that.  When I saw the prompt I knew I had to go find mine.

So? What’s in it?

Old letters and cards.

So. Junk, then.

So. Not. Junk.  I just randomly picked up a letter from my late friend Roxanne. My goodness, I was seventeen again. Just like that!