My Bit of Paradise – What Pegman Saw

This week Pegman takes us to Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This week’s location was suggested by James over at Powered By Robots. Be sure to stop by and visit his blog where he shares all manner of marvelous short stories.

Your mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by the location. Feel free to use the image provided in the prompt, or chose from photo spheres around Kinshasa. Once your piece is polished, share it with others using the linkup below.

I had a bit of trouble getting this one going but finally, something came to me.  Thank you always to Karen and Josh for hosting this weekly challenge.

My Bit of Paradise

“You live here, Bienheureuse¹?”

“Oui, mon frère².  Don’t you just love it?”  Her smile was positively beatific.

“It’s so far from civilization.  Why would you choose here?  And it’s so small!”

Bienheureuse’s smile never faded.  “Say what you will, Mamadou.  I love it.  I bought this place with my own Congolese francs after years of saving and working my fingers to the bone and fighting off men like you.  You?  You have nothing.  You abuse women, expect them to do for you while you sit on your ass.

“Mama was right when she named me.  I am very happy with my little bit of paradise.  No man can take that away from me.  Get off your lazy butt and do something good with your life!”

Mamadou’s smirk faded.  “You don’t under—”

“Don’t even! You are not possessed by bad spirits. You need to change your attitude.  It starts with you.”

¹Bienheureuse literally means “Very Happy” and implies woman as it is the feminine gender

²Frère means brother.