Independence – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morn, my Reader-Friends!  Had to get at this out early as I’m working today.  Gonna be tough.  Haven’t worked since December 19th!  The joys of working in a golf club, eh?

A shout-out to a wonderful writer/artist/friend, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for taking care of us every week, keeping our creative juices going with these weekly prompts.  I know it ain’t easy.  Especially when you are putting together a fabulous book!  Can’t wait.  But have no choice.  😀  And thank you, Rochelle, for your sweet and heartfelt aside…

Do join in on our little weekly party by clicking on the blue frog and adding your own 100-word story that was inspired by this lovely photo by Marie Gail Stratford.  Thanks, Marie Gail!

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I can do it myself, you know.

Yes, I know.

I don’t need your help.

I know you don’t.

Then why do you insist on helping me?

Because I want to.  It makes me happy to help you.

But why?  What’s in it for you?

It’s who I am.  There is nothing in it for me but to be here for you and make your life easier.

It makes no sense to me.

You’re so independent.  Let me do my little part.  What are you afraid of?

That my self will be eclipsed again after I have finally re-found it.

Mockery – Friday Fictioneers

Yay!  It’s Wednesday!  Time to get those brain cells fired up and come up with a story for this week’s prompt by Gail Marie Stratford.  Must admit, I had no idea where I was going though I did see the shadow first… 😉

Thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, of Addicted to Purple fame, for hosting this shindig weekly.  At least once per week I am forced to get my creative juices running thanks to you!

Should you wish to participate (I warn you, it is addictive), please click on the blue frog for instructions and to add your two cents’ worth.  No? Just want to read?  You can do that too!

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©Marie Gail Stratford

Genre:  Sort of Fiction

Word count:  100


I sat in my office, gazing at the city below.

How did I get here?  I never had plans to be an office drone.  It started with a week-end receptionist job at my dad’s office.  Making money was so cool.   I could buy myself stuff.  Way better than going to school!

The more I did this work, the better I became, the more I earned.  Ended up doing it for over 3o years.  I loathed it.

Hah! Even the shadow on the building flipped me the bird, mocking me.

I took it as a sign to quit, to change paths.

Friday Fictioneers – Portal

Word count:  100

100-Word Stories:  Friday Fictioneers

Photo Prompt:  © Marie Gail Stratford

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©Marie Gail Stratford

“What’s that, Daddy?”

Looking up from his computer, he replied, “That, my boy, is a special portal.”

“Portal to where?”

“Can’t tell you; way too dangerous!”

“Oh, please, Daddy, tell me.  I’m big enough. I’m not scared!”

“Maybe I should show you, instead of tell you.  Yes?”

“Yes! Yes! Please!!”

“Alrighty. C’mere and click the blue and white button.”

Jimmy put his little hand on the mouse. Looking up at his dad. he whispered, “Now?”


With a deep breath, Jimmy pressed the button and suddenly found himself wrapped up in a bear hug. Daddy always had time for him.