Organizing – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday!  Yessiree!  That means it’s time to Friday Fictioneer.  I must thank Ted Strutz (so glad to see you’re getting better every day!) for the use of his picture and to Rochelle, who, even while dipping her toes in the ocean, still keeps this show running.  If you’d like to play along, just click on the jumble of frogs below to add your link to your 100-word story.

350pc Family Puzzle Frog Pile jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Co.  (mixed piece sizes)

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Bills         Taxes        Kids      Housework     Stress     Job    Love    Health    Frustration    Disappointment   Elation   Excitement Sleeplessness   Hunger    Pain    Empathy   Boredom–

“ENOUGH!  All of you, OUT. NOW!”

She took a deep breath.  And another.

Oh, that felt good. She could feel her body, mind and soul come back together in a cohesive and natural state of being.

“Whatcha doing? And what’s that jumbled mess?”

“That mess is a serious purge of all that was taking over my body.”


“Now I can look at each piece individually and see what needs to be done. What stays, what goes. Prioritize and organize.

“You’re weird.”


A Way Out – Friday Fictioneers

Good early evening, my peeps! Had a crazy-busy morning and afternoon but here I am. My story could apply to many things I think so I shall leave you to decide for yourselves.  Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and to J.Hardy Carroll for allowing us to use his photo this week. If you wanna play, click on the frog and set your story free!

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A Way Out

It was there. It was always there. Locked inside with no way out. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t escape it. Couldn’t fight it. It stopped him from being who he should be. It stopped him from moving forward and embracing the life he wanted.

If only he couldn’t see through the screen. If only the walls were opaque.  He was convinced that if he couldn’t see out, he wouldn’t suffer so. Ignorance would be bliss.

But no, it was all right there, taunting him. Always mocking. Out of reach.


Did the key he needed, exist?