December, We Reminisce

Lilian is hosting prosery Monday on dVerse – yeah, yeah, it’s Tuesday.  We are to use the phrase:  “Reading what I have just written, I now believe”. December, no matter how much I try, gets rather consumed with memories. I figure it’s not worth fighting with them.

It’s December, we reminisce.

Dear Mick,

In ten days you would have been 57. And three days after that, it’ll be six years since you took your leave. I don’t want to say where does the time go, but, bloody hell, where? Your light shone so damn bright, you’ve left a glow within everyone who met you. I wonder if you ever realised what power you had?  Why friends of yours, family of mine, acquaintances met along your path always, ALWAYS bring you up at some point in our “How are you? Great to see you. What’s new?” conversations. We all fell under your spell and miss you.

Lotsa love, Rog

Reading what I have just written, I now believe that it’s okay to allow myself a moment to miss him, that it doesn’t mean I’m stuck in the past and life is still beautiful.

Going Fishing – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morning, my peeps! ‘Tis another beautiful day in my neighbourhood. Last night’s rain has cooled things off somewhat, though apparently we have another chance for more thunder showers this afternoon. I’ll take it. My grass no longer has a tint of green to it. Or barely.

This week, Rochelle chose a photo from Ted Strutz… A thank you to both of you for your part in these shenanigans this week.  This has brought me down memory lane again as, frankly, this water plane made me think of Mick and his love for fishing.

G’head. Click me!

Going Fishing

“Rog, it’s gonna be so cool. Your office boyfriend Mario invited me to join him and his buddies on a fishing trip. You’re cool with that?”

“You keep stealing my boyfriends!” I laughed.

“Yeah, yeah. Get this. We first have to drive for miles to the middle of nowhere, then take a water plane further north. Coolest fishing trip ever.”

“How can I say no?”

His enthusiasm was contagious.

Back at work, Mario told me Mick hit it off so well with his buddies that if they did it again, and were missing a spot, they’d take Mick over him!



While looking for the photos of this said trip, I landed on the video Mick’s friend Paul made to honour his best friend. They went on many a fishing trip together; both of them avid fishermen…