What’s In My Tin? Apple Squares

So, I have decided to add a new series. Because. Why not?

Years ago (way too many to count) I found this wonderful tin.  I walked into a Fenton’s store – a kitchen supplies store filled with things that make me want to spend all my money – and there at the back of it, in my direct line of sight was the PERFECT tin!  Not only did it have my name on it (!), it also had my favourite flower!  No way in hell I was NOT going to purchase this baby! (Fingers crossed it was not being sold for an arm and a leg!  Can’t remember the price but obviously was within my budget…)

It is pretty, no?


So… after years of just sitting on top of the cupboards, collecting dust, fading with time, I finally decided to start using it!  I guess I was afraid I would ruin it but seriously, what’s the point of having pretty things, if we don’t use ’em?  If they get worn or faded, it adds to the charm, I think!

So, without further ado, what did I have in my tin this week?

Apple Squares!

Apple Square 2

If you would like to make these for yourself, just get the recipe here!

Apple Square 1