Duck and Cover… or Trip and Roll

The morning started off fairly cold and I decided, once I stopped procrastinating, to take Zeke for a short walk before starting on my closet purge.  It is, after all, Clean Your Closets Week, according to Frank.  And, should I take too long to decide to do them, well, I do have the rest of the week!

We had had quite the snowfall on Saturday night and all the trees were quite pretty (if we can still say pretty after all these months!) so I was focused on taking a picture of the tree instead of the steps of my stoop.  My mistake.

With a yelp and a twist of the ankle, down I went onto my knees with a roll onto my back, all the while protecting my camera!  Must have been a pretty sight!  Were there witnesses? I don’t think so.  Zeke just watched me from his usual perch, barely flicking an eyebrow.  Uncouth brute.

I checked my left knee, which got the brunt of it, and it seemed OK, though a piece of skin was lifted.  How the heck does that happen, through pants and without ripping them?  Not being a wuss, I picked myself up and off we went to the Industrial Park, my destination of choice when I don’t feel like going to far.

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By the time I got home, my knee was feeling pretty stiff. Maybe I should have put something on it after all… was now looking pretty raw.   Perfect excuse to NOT clear my closet!  Guess that has become tomorrow’s task!

I call it, not stressing over the details and going with the flow.  Others may call it laziness.

Po-tay-to. Po-tah-to.




[ser-uh n-dip-i-tee] /ˌsɛr ənˈdɪp ɪ ti/
  1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.
  2. good fortune; luck:

    the serendipity of getting the first job she applied for.

I used to think serendipity was just about luck.  It’s more than that, isn’t it?  Yes, there is definitely an element of luck but it also is luck that you’ve made possible.

Why am I going on about this pretty word; and it is pretty, don’t you think?  After two days of full-on cooking ~ I’m talking starting at 6:30 in the morning, finishing around 12:30 am (with breaks for delivery and dish-washing and feeding the boys. Oh wait, that entails cooking too!) on both days ~ I was tired and ached all over.
I had two options: take a nap or walk Zeke in the beautiful, warm sunshine.  OK, there was that third option of going to the gym that I signed up for last Tuesday and have not been to since.  But seriously, not in contention for today’s options!
The sun was too bright to ignore, not to mention Zeke’s imploring eyes.  The nap could wait.  Off we went into the sun’s warming rays.  Oh yes, my friends, after months of freezing our tushies off, I was outside.  In a spring-type jacket.  No gloves.  No tuque.  No scarf…   (Yes, Mom, I know.  Too early to take it all off!!)  I was, however, wearing some hiking boots that are waterproof as my winter boots are still wet from yesterday (and frankly, way too hot), my rubber boots (Wellies to you Brits) are in the trailer up north and my running shoes are not waterproof.  There were puddles to jump over and slushy snow to walk through.  Protection was necessary.

Now, which direction?  How far was I willing to walk on my aching feet?

Reflections on melting ice

Reflections on melting ice

I decided to see if I would be lucky enough to run into Lorna and Virginio, a lovely couple I met on a walk a few weeks ago.  Would serendipity come into play?  Yes, there is an element of luck involved, but there is more of a chance of running into them if I actually walk on their street, n’est-ce pas?

Zeke was confused because the direction we took was a totally different one.  Normally we walk on this street on our way back from going to “my” river.  There is no way I was walking that far.  As in may areas of Boucherville, there are many little and large parks with skating circles with or without separate hockey rinks.  The reflections in the melting ice caught my eye so I made my way to a bench and left  Zeke to his own devices.  Many trees to sniff, you know.

My little picture-taking session over, we hit he street.  Hmm, the car is there but the curtains are drawn.  Though the first time we met, an invitation was issued to drop by for a cappuccino by La Barista (V said L was the best!), now was not the time.  I mean, c’mon, I met them all but once!  So, we take a few more steps and lo and behold, I hear:  “Hey there Zeke!”


Isn’t it wonderful how you can meet people and feel an instant rapport and be able to talk about movies, books, food, without feeling the slightest awkwardness?  V then totally made my day by telling me that he found I had a good aura about me.  What a fabulous thing to be told.  I have not been feeling at my most shiniest and brightest lately and these words were manna from heaven.  Grazie Virginio.  Lorna, I can see why you’ve kept him around for these 43 years!

We must have chatted in their driveway for a good half hour before I turned back for home with a list of movies to look out for (Midnight’s Children is serendipitously playing tomorrow morning!), a hankering to make risotto and the knowledge that I would be welcome for a cup of coffee and a chitchat ~ as long as I brought Zeke!  I will be kind to them and wait for much dryer weather because them-there paws were pretty gross!

Murphy’s Law

Ya know?  I’m a tad frustrated today!  I always take my camera with me when I go for my daily Zeke walk.  As I don’t want to carry a camera bag, I have to make the decision which lens to bring.  I thought of bringing my zoom then I put it back, hesitated again and finally left with my standard 18-55 mm lens.


(I’ve been on a double mission lately… make that triple.  Get outside and get fresh air, while walking the dog, take great pictures to become the next Ansel Adams (OK, no, not really but I AM trying to improve my photography!) and get my 10,000 steps in.  That last one is hard as I was absolutely convinced my walks covered at least that many…. Hmph!  Nope.  I have discovered the “Walking Mate” app on my phone and have started using it.  My walks average about 8500 steps (about 6.5 km).  Dammit!  Of course if I carried my phone with my while I go up and down the stairs at home, walking around doing whatever it is that I do all day, I may get close to it but I don’t really want my phone attached to my hip.)

Soooo…. yesterday, we walked over to the other side, called de Normandie Park and we were surrounded by the beautiful chirps and songs of various birds.  It was fantastic!  Did I have a zoom lens to capture these beauties up close? No!  Though I did manage to capture this one.


So today, I decided that for sure it was going to be zoom lens all the way!  Great!


No birds could be found anywhere!  Seriously! What is UP with that?  I could hear them but they were hiding… I would have thought there’d be as many birds in deBrouages Park as in deNormandie.  Apparently not.

I did manage to capture these ones…

After that, not a bird could be seen!  Oh well, go with the flow, they say!

I ended up focusing on the water flowing in “my” river.  Hard to believe I walked all along this same river just last month!


I tried to get up close and personal with the flow!

And then thought about how I can’t wait to not have to wear boots and a heavy coat and all the other winter paraphernalia and just sit to enjoy the sounds of the woods.


Mr. Zeke, on the other hand, is just happy!  He doesn’t give a rat’s behind how cold it is!  He likes to lie in the snow and much prefers winter of the sweltering heat of summer…