Heed the Call – Friday Fictioneers

Should I play? Should I not? Do I have an idea? Is it good enough?  Silly. Of course I should. Of course I do. Of course it is.  It’s Wednesday and Rochelle is a-callin’ with this here picture by Brenda Cox.   Time to Friday Fictioneer!  If you are inspired by this here photo, why don’t you click the painter frog below and add your 100-word link.

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Heed the Call

Why didn’t my father hand down his creative genes to me?

What do you mean?

One day he started painting and was immediately good. I can barely draw stick figures.

Did you ever really try?



Does spending hundreds of dollars on paints and paper and markers and stuff count?

Do you use any of them?

Well.  Not yet.

Why not?

I don’t think I’ll be any good.

Was it not YOU who shared that meme?

What meme?

The one about not worrying if you are good enough.  To just do it.

Yeah, I did.

So? Whatcha waiting for?

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "If you feel something calling you to dance or write or paint or sing, please refuse to worry about whether you good enough. Just do it. re -Glennon Doyle Melton ContemplativeMonk.com"

Mom, I’m Out of Clean Underwear!

How did this happen, you ask?  Well, let’s see now…

It all started when we asked Claude, our electrician friend, to install ceiling lights in our dining room.  You see, this room was originally a small living room which we never used because you could not even fit a decent sized couch; nor could you really put a television.  It’s a rectangular room with a fireplace on one narrow wall, French doors on the wall to the left and a doorway, sans door, to the hallway & kitchen, and patio doors on the wall to the right.  Either you have to put a TV kitty-corner with the fireplace and the patio door (which the previous owner did) or above the fireplace (which is too high and would look ridiculous).  A loveseat is about the only piece of furniture along with a small coffee table and maybe a one-seater.

Soooo…. the year after we moved in, I suggested to hubs that maybe if we put our dining room table in here and the sofa in the kitchen (where the table was) we would use this space more.  Besides, as most families do, we always hang out in the kitchen – might as well put a couch so more could sit!  He did not think it was a good idea but when I ran away from home for a week-end of solo time, he did the switcheroo!  And, funny thing is, EVERYone who saw it, thought it was a brilliant idea!  Goes to show, eh?

As a result, we do indeed use the dining room way more often – especially when we entertain.  We light a fire and a gazillion candles (slight exaggeration) – otherwise we would not see what we are eating.  A couple of corner lamps just didn’t cut it.  Yes, it was romantic, but let’s face it, for the average day-to-day, it was a pain in the arse to have to light all those candles…

Enter Claude.  Of course, what seemed like such an easy task at the time ended up being a major headache!  For every hole in the ceiling, three more needed to be made.  This house does not have an interstitial space between the ceiling and the floor of the storey above.  These means, passing wires is no longer a simple thing!  Make a hole for the fixture, make a hole in the beam, make a hole beside the hole for the fixture, and so on.  Our ceiling looked like cottage cheese!!!   Of course Claude and his crew decided to come on a Friday that I was entertaining friends for dinner… Thankfully, it was gorgeous outside and we were able to dine al fresco – with candles!

We left this mess for a couple of weeks as the lights we wanted were out of stock…  When all was installed, we could then get to work.  We had a friend who was to come help with the putty work but he was only available Labour Day week-end and we already had a date to go visit the same friends who came over during our mess!  Hubs is more than capable of plugging holes and doing the putty work necessary so. He did.

Meanwhile, the crew came to clean out our interlocking patio (pavé uni) which had become overrun with weeds, was stained and looked like crap!  We had the thermo pump guys come to disconnect said item and put it in the garage so the guys could clean up the side of the house.  Since it was being disconnected, we had the brilliant idea of moving the  thermostat OUT of our bedroom on the second floor and to the hallway wall on the main floor. (Why it was installed there in the first place, we’ll never know!  Problem with this stupid set up is that hot air rises so we could set the temperature to whatever and it would be reached upstairs while we froze our buns off on the main…)  Another great idea.  Another Swiss cheese situation!  In order to pass the wires from the thermostat, through the kitchen ceiling, into the garage…. we had to do the same thing as the dining room!

Of course it rained before the pavé uni could be sealed so the thermo pump could not be put back and be reconnected.  Did I mention that THIS is when we had a heat wave?  Yeah. No air conditioning for three days and the temperature was up, up, up!  How quickly we become spoiled by cool air… but now it looks good!

View from my office

View from my office

During this heat wave I was canning and cooking for clients. (How did I know that when I bought my tomatoes and other salsa ingredients, the A/C would be turned off and we would also have to paint in between batches?)

So now… the dining room is mostly finished (few touch-ups here and there) and we need to find a new chandelier.

2014-09-16 11.05.07

Now we have to tackle the kitchen, which has SOOOOOOO much detail work!  It took me forever to just tape the area…  Plus there was loads of plaster work to do (to be able to install the TV on the wall, we had to pass more wires (yeah, that again!) and now, I hear hubs calling as it’s my job to do the “découpage” for the ceiling (and walls – but not today!)

And they want me to do laundry?