Sunday Gratitude – June 1, 2014

What a perfect week I had.  Hmmm… maybe I shouldn’t say that since hubby has been gone fishing since Thursday, returning today…. There wasn’t any one thing that stood out except a feeling of peace and harmony.  The rhythm of the days just felt nice and smooth and there were no stresses per se to deal with.  Well, that’s not true; but it was so minute I cannot truly complain! All in all a good week!

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Gratitude List

  1. I got to spend some time with each of my boys individually.  More and more difficult as everyone has stuff to do so when the opportunity arises, well, we just have to go for it!

  2. I had the bed to myself for three whole nights!  Not that I don’t enjoy sharing the bed with my love…  😀

  3. The sun was gorgeous all week-end and I took the time to sit outside, book in one hand, sangria in the other….

  4. The neighbours were quieter than usual, permitting me to sit in by backyard in peace and not have to move to the front porch!

  5. I got a contract to make 2 meals per week for a family of 5

  6. I was able to find a jacket and slacks (and have them hemmed) in less than 30 minutes so my son could look dapper for an event.