Weekend Writing Prompt #139 – Devour

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  How you use the prompt is up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.  I always enjoy these challenges, so thank you, Sammi!

Word Prompt




They planned to meet at lunchtime which would give them a chance to dispel any butterflies they might feel.  They walked hand-in-hand, both trying to ignore the electricity that ran up their arms while they walked and searched.  They discovered a cool joint with a hippy vibe that served excellent beer and simple, yet fun food.

The decor was perfect to get them talking about this and that while they each surreptitiously stole glances. The chilled beer barely managed to cool their inner thoughts, though.

As soon as they exited, he pulled her to him and kissed her passionately. “I could devour you right here and now,” he growled.