Love In Ten Lines

I have received a challenge from Annet over at Annarette to write a Love poem in ten lines. Always up for a writing challenge (lately!) here is my attempt.  An image is not necessary but this little collage is full of love!


Love In Ten Lines

Where is the Love?
Love is all around

Some fear Love’s clutches
Yes, Love can hurt

Fear not Love’s pain
Love teaches us strength

Love shows us how
We grow in Love

Reach out for Love
Share Love with all

My quote is:

“Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.”
Alfred Tennyson, In Memoriam

The challenge works like this:

  • Write about love using only 10 lines.
  • Use the word love in every line.
  • Each line can only be 4 words long.
  • Nominate others who are up for the challenge.
  • Let them know about the challenge.
  • Title the post:  Love in Ten Lines
  • Include a quote about love ( this can be your own)
  • You may write in any language

So, without further ado, I nominate the following.  Please note that should you not feel like participating, I will love you no less!

  1. Sarah at Sarah Potter Writes
  2. John at Meticulous Mick
  3. Andrea at Harvesting Hecate
  4. Rochelle at Addicted to Purple
  5. Sue at Daily Echo
  6. Dale at Eats Writes Shoots
  7. Raye at Jots from a Small Apt

Do have fun with it!  Looking forward to your submissions!




Love After Love

So I’m sitting in front of my computer, mindlessly going through my Facebook feeds, emails, reading blogs, all the while sniffling, sneezing, blowing my nose and generally feeling miserable, when a friend posts a beautiful poem that simply goes right to my core.

I decided to copy and paste it to a photo I took.  Why the bird?  I dunno.  There was enough empty space beside it!  There were others I could have chosen but this one felt right…


Thank you, Sonia, for sharing this lovely poem!

Left-Overs and Other Things That Caught My Eye

Another day of sunshine ahead.  Woot!  Too bad I have to spend most of it indoors fulfilling a client’s order.  Pictures will follow shortly, I assure you.

So, I decided to go through my last week or so’s pictures to share with you the things that caught my eye – and this includes “Left-overs”!  What do I mean by “Left-overs”?  Christmas decorations that are still out and about!!!  Some people just don’t want to let go of the Christmas spirit.  Or, are really lazy. Or, are waiting for someone else in the house to take care of them.  Whatever the reason, ’tis funny to see these still up when there is no snow (or almost no snow) on the ground!  And it’s April. The 25th.  Exactly four months since Christmas Day. Just sayin’.

Funny and cute and I could have put quite a few more…

When walking around with my camera, it opens my eyes to my surroundings.  Sure, I’m often looking for birds and all sorts of fauna but it’s the other things that I probably would not have taken the time to even see…

A family of shovels,


Shovel Family


A garden of pails,

Paint can garden

Paint can garden

Walls and fences and scary hedges,

Places to climb and places to “restes”!

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