Professional Blogger?

Thursday, November 6

Do you consider yourself a “professional” blogger? Why or why not? What does that mean to you?


This question does not require much thinking on my part!  Nope!  I do not consider myself a Professional blogger by any means.  “Professional”, as far as I am concerned, means that you make money doing whatever it is you are doing.

For example:  A professional figure skater becomes one as soon as he/she starts making money doing the sport.  Once upon a time, when I was a figure skater (not that I ever made it to a podium!), I used to coach the little kids on week-ends.  It was imperative that we not be remunerated in cash for this so we were given coupons which we could apply to our own coaches’ fees.  One coupon equalled one fifteen-minute session with our coach. If we had accepted cash, we would then be considered “professionals” and no longer be permitted to compete in the amateur competitions.  Huge issue if you wanted to find yourself on an Olympic podium one day!  Of course, over the years, these rules have changed somewhat (Olympic hockey, anyone?) but not in my mind.

That said:  when I was “liberated” from my job I had huge (OK, not that big) dreams of making money off blogging.  I had no idea how I was going to do it but I did have Marie Forleo’s B-School downloaded.  Of course, all I did was buy the damn course, I had (have) yet to actually do it!  I figured I would do it, and then know exactly what to do and would be free to work when I felt like it and make as much or as little as I wanted. Yeah. No.  Way too much effort is required and, apart from having something to sell – which I do not – yet – you have to join affiliate programmes or have advertising on your page.   I did try that for a bit and saw a whole lotta nothing.  Of course you also need to have a huge following and be extremely vigilent and, and, and…  Not moi.

What about my Dalectables blog/website?  I went through a lot of effort, and some cash, to create this one (still not up to snuff, as far as I am concerned) with all sorts of intentions of creating my own biz. (See B-School mentioned above.) I am not clear enough on what I want from it to really make it work so I have spent much time looking at others’ blogs and just getting more muddied in my thoughts.  So, other than posting a recipe here and there, it has lain dormant.  There is a soupçon of a hope that one day I will actually get all my ducks in a row and make something of it but it has definitely not been my priority so far.  I was too busy enjoying my year off to actually WORK!

Am I a professional blogger?  No, I am not.

Do I enjoy blogging?  Absolutely!