From Outrage To Opera – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday evening, my readers! It is Friday Fictioneers time and I (foolishly?) decided to try and channel our very own Queen-of-bringing-history-to-life, Rochelle. What was I thinking? Thank you to GAH Lerner for the use of her lovely photo.

Please, do join in and give us your 100-word story that came to you upon gazing at this photograph. Once you have written it, click on the blue frog below and add your link… then the best part is this: You read and comment on other’s stories, they read and comment on yours and our community becomes even more wonderful. And, bonus, you don’t even realise it, but your writing becomes all the better for it! Win-Win!

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From Outrage To Opera

Moon gazing, Ryan thought of his journey. He saw his 12-year-old self, sitting in solitary confinement despite two good years with Miss Hughes, a teacher who never gave up on him, telling him he mattered.

Once out, he vowed to change his circumstances, including signing up for choir despite his lack of singing skills. Mr. Brown, teacher, took it upon himself to teach him, bringing him to the Metropolitan Opera at 15, with Denyce Graves, an African-American lead singer. Someone like him. Finally, Ryan had a dream.

Nine years later, Ryan Speedo Green sang at that very same Metropolitan Opera.


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