Rise Up – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #68

I missed out on Crispina‘s challenge last week and thought there is no way I’ll have the time this week but lo and behold.  I found a picture I took during a bike ride of our Champlain Bridge being worked on (which has since been replaced – poor thing lasted a mere 50 years…)

So, I made my story a continuation of Crispina’s, which you can read here.

Rise Up

Remember when they built changed Breydon Bridge in 1983?

Yeah, they replaced a sweet, charming stone one with steel and cement.

Was a necessary evil.  But get this.  It’s being replaced again.

What? Why?

It’s too low. They’re gonna rise it up so that ships can pass under.

Actually, it’s under construction as we speak.  Come I’ll show you!


©Globe and Mail

Side by side they are at this moment until the old is dismantled… Love watching our tax money going to waste…

The Project – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #61

I have done something completely unorthodox and I hope Crispina forgives me for it. Rather than start with her fabulous image, I started with my own so I could work my way up to hers.  I’m truly hoping it will fly (though, generous soul that she is, I feel I’m safe). I would not have known what to do with it if her image had not been titled “Winter Gardens”. So… this led me to, well, to here.


The Project

I have a project for you.

Oh, you do, do you?

Yes, you remember that abandoned greenhouse you transformed?

Oh yes, I do. It had good bones and I was able to really make it swell.

You made it more than swell.  You turned it into a work of art!

Oh come now…

Seriously. The way you fixed the outside and the inside, oh my!

It did turn out rather grand, now that you mention it. So, where are you going with this? I feel you’re trying to butter me up.

Me? Butter you up? Never. However—

However, nothing. Spit it out.

I found us a great project. I think it has great bones and when we are done with it, it will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Oh, hell. Your enthusiasm is making me nervous.

Come, let’s go check it out!

Have you completely lost your mind?


Word count: 150

Rebuilding – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my peeps. It’s Friday Fictioneers time and our leader, Rochelle chose this picture from Michael Sublett to challenge us. And challenge she did. Of course, my brain is full of a head cold so I’m working twice as hard to get half the words. Ugh. I still have one weekend to work. Now is not the time!  Oh well… while I go soak in the tub, you can read my little 100-word attempt.

©Michael Sublett

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Like the detritus caused by a wrecking ball to a no-longer-useful building, her life lay in a mess about her feet.   She walked through, kicking at the pieces, thinking life as she knew it was over. And it was. That part, anyway. Were there pieces she could salvage?  Should she even? Or should she simply walk away from this mess and start anew.  It scared the shit out of her, to be honest. She’d started over before, she could do it again.

It was so much bigger this time. She grabbed a framed picture. This could be her starting point.



A New School – What Pegman Saw

This week Pegman takes us to Pripyat, Ukraine. Those who want to mine the location’s history best don radioactive-protective gear.

Your mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by the prompt. Once your piece is polished, you can share it with others using the link up below. If you don’t have a blog to link to, feel free to post your story/essay/poem in the comments below.

The Pegman weekly writing prompt is open to all writers. If you haven’t already, it’s a great week to try this challenge! If you haven’t done it in awhile, it’s a great week to come back 🙂

If you’d like to suggest a location to Pegman, Karen would love to hear from you.

Thank you to Karen and Josh for hosting this weekly party.  Not always an easy location!

A New School

Dear Evgeniy,

We are so very pleased you have accepted the position of teacher at our soon-to-be-re-opened school in our Community IV Section, here in Pryp’yat.  We require strong, young men such as you to lead our children into the world of tomorrow.

As mentioned, we will be needing you to arrive at least three weeks early, four, if you can, to help us get the classes ready.  There is much work to be done! 

Yours sincerely,

Vadym Ponomarenko,



Arriving at the school, he was greeted by the director.  “Evgeniy!  I’m so glad you could come so early!  Let me bring you around to meet your new colleagues!”

He followed the director through the corridors, trying not to trip over the detritus that covered the floor.

“This looks like a war zone, Sir.  I thought this area had been cleared?”

“Oh, yes, it has been cleared.  Just not cleaned.”


Open For Business – Friday Fictioneers

Good morning, mes amis!  Can’t sleep, so might as well write, right?  It is Wednesday and what does that mean?  Yes… Friday Fictioneers is open for business!  Where does this image by JS Brand take YOU?  How about you let us know by adding your 100-word story to the group?  Click on the Blue Frog to add your link or, at the very least, to see what other fabulous writers came up with!

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©JS Brand

Genre:  Realistic Fiction

Word count:  Toujours cent (100)

Open For Business

“Wait till you see what we’ve done so far.”

“Things are progressing well, then?”

“Sure are!  Still looking a little basic at this point.  But we already have usable rooms.”

“After seeing the destruction caused by Hurricane ChaCha, I’ll be impressed by anything standing.”

“OK.  We’re almost there.  Close your eyes while I direct the boat ’round the bend into the bay.”

“Holy smokes!  You did all that?”

“Yep!  Now we have to let the tourists know that we’re up and running.  We need the business to continue to build.”

“Count on me.  I’ll advertise the hell out of it!”