Close Encounters – Friday Fictioneers

Happy Hump Day, Folks!  It’s Friday Fictioneer time and today’s picture sent me off in a direction I didn’t expect. Gotta love that.  Thanks, always, to Rochelle for keeping us cats herded.  And this week, thanks to David Stewart for this fabulous photo.  Do join in with your 100-word story inspired by this photo by clicking on the frogs below and adding your link.  G’head. It’s fun!

Cute Inspirational Moral Stories for Kids: Two Frogs and The Churned Milk

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Close Encounters

“Yo, Zit-Face!  Wait up!”

“That you Jelly-Belly?”

“In the flesh! Well, what’s left of it.”

“I almost didn’t recognize you!  You look amazing!”

“As do you, my friend.  And your face no longer looks like a neon pimple factory.”

“Tell me about it.  Talk about a hellish time.  Except for you, high school sucked.”

“I have so missed you.”

“Me too.  You in town for long?”

“I’ve moved back.  Turns out Mr. Fantastic wasn’t quite up to par.”

“I coulda told you that… but I won’t.’

“Appreciate that.  So tell me. what’s new?”

They linked their arms, “Where to start…”