An Anniversary of Sorts – And Time To Give Myself a Kick in the Pants

Today marks the first anniversary of my “liberation” from my drab office job that I loathed.  (Actually, truth be told, the job had become boring as hell but the boss was – let’s just say we didn’t gel as a team and leave it at that.

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What have I done since?  Nothing and lots!  I mostly used the time to just breathe.  Luckily I had a decent severance package and was able to go on E.I. which have given me some extra time.  I sometimes feel I’ve been a bit of a slacker and I guess after thirty years of working almost non-stop (breaks for three babies don’t really count) I felt I deserved the break.  I was supposed to use this time to really get a business going regarding food and, though I’ve had a contract here and a cake there; created a website I don’t adore and took long walks while taking lots of pictures, I haven’t really done anything much to promote myself.  I think it’s a mixture of a few things:

  • Fear of really putting myself out there
  • Not truly knowing exactly what I want to do
  • Lack of clarity (goes with the second one)
  • Just plain tired
  • Not truly believing in myself…

Well, enough is enough already!  I had promised myself I would start something.  I’ve already paid for Marie Forleo’s B-School NOW I will DO it!  I’ve already paid for Courtney Johnston’s fabulous Copywriting course – I will do THAT one too!  I will NOT sign up for anything else.  I will avoid “shiny new object syndrome” and I will actually finish something I’ve started.

If nothing else, I will gain clarity and get something into motion, otherwise, I’ll find myself applying for an office job and falling back into that grind I’ve been so happy out of.

By putting this out into the Universe, I’m holding myself accountable.