A New School – What Pegman Saw

This week Pegman takes us to Pripyat, Ukraine. Those who want to mine the location’s history best don radioactive-protective gear.

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Thank you to Karen and Josh for hosting this weekly party.  Not always an easy location!

A New School

Dear Evgeniy,

We are so very pleased you have accepted the position of teacher at our soon-to-be-re-opened school in our Community IV Section, here in Pryp’yat.  We require strong, young men such as you to lead our children into the world of tomorrow.

As mentioned, we will be needing you to arrive at least three weeks early, four, if you can, to help us get the classes ready.  There is much work to be done! 

Yours sincerely,

Vadym Ponomarenko,



Arriving at the school, he was greeted by the director.  “Evgeniy!  I’m so glad you could come so early!  Let me bring you around to meet your new colleagues!”

He followed the director through the corridors, trying not to trip over the detritus that covered the floor.

“This looks like a war zone, Sir.  I thought this area had been cleared?”

“Oh, yes, it has been cleared.  Just not cleaned.”